why do i smell cigarette smoke all the time

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Phantosmia: Smelling Smoke All the Time? – Andrew Weil, M.D.

She wrote that she smelled dirt all the time, which she at first attributed to her potted plants until she found that the smell followed her where ever she went, even when no dirt or potted plants were nearby. Once she learned that she suffered from phantosmia, she had a round of medical tests,

Why You Smell Phantom Cigarette Smoke When Nobody’s

“And the resulting sensation is then confused in the brain with the smell of cigarette smoke.” More about parosmia: Dr. Josephson notes, “The bottom line is that many people may get this sensation at one time or another. If it comes and goes, then again, there is probably nothing to worry about.

Diseases that Can Make You Smell Cigarette Smoke

Smelling cigarette smoke or something burning, in the absence of burning rubber or someone puffing cigarettes, is called phantosmia: smelling something foul …

Constant smoke smell in nasal passages. – Allergy – MedHelp

Why do I have the constant smell of smoke in my nose. It used to be just an occasional thing, but lately it seems to be all the time. I am concerned that this is a symptom of something I don’t know about.

My doctor told me to take 20 or more mg zinc daily. It worked. The smell went away.I have been experiencing smoke smells for over eight years now and it periodically accursed when i am awaken out off my sleep thinking that there is a fire in my house. I walk around every time and there is nothing to be found, and then minutes later it goes away, very very weird. I noticed it when I use to clean my dogs boop up with bleach, and a couple months after that is when it started. Maybe I need to go see a Doctor..Cant believe how common a problem this seems to be, however have not found any comment Rhinitus. I was diagnosed this after having constant runny but blocked nose for 2 years. I was given a spray but it doesnt help. The tablets I was given, cetirizine do help. However a few weeks ago I started smelling cigarette smoke, when I’m knowhere near it or anyone who smokes. I’ve also had stomach problems on and off for about 6 months. Is it all related? Anyone with any advice? Will go and see gp but to be fair he’s not the most helpful sort!!!Where there’s Smoke (Smells) there is fireIs MTHFR your prob? The phantom smells are a canary in a coal mine. That’s all well and good if you know what it means when that canary buys the farm. Many people who ultimately develop MS report phantosmia (phantom smells, especially smoke) prior to diagnosis. However, a precursor to this condition is toxin overload, which not-coincidentally is thought to be related to MS development. When you have one or more MTHFR gene mutations, the body can’t produce glutathione efficiently to help the body detox on its own, so toxins build up and damage nerves. The good news is that there is more often than not a simple fix. You might want to get tested for the MTHFR (methylene tetra-hydrofolate reductase) gene mutation. [If you google mthfr and mind map and mindmeister, there is a pretty good visual representation of this condition though it’s disease list is not comprehensive.] If you have one or more copies, it is easily correctable with the active form of folic acid called methyl-folate and the active form of cobalamin called methyl-cobalamin. Be sure to AVOID the inactive forms called simply folic acid and cobalamin or you will make your condition worseeven if it’s just in processed foods. They can cause serious problems and even behavioral problems like irritability/anxiety, etc, and serious digestive issues when you eat too much of them and you have these mutations. (Warning!: You have to START SLOW and build up with this ‘fix’ or you will rebound causing more symptoms which may cause you to give up altogether on it. Just be patient and take it slow.) There is a whole list of other associated conditions including stroke/heart attacks/Deep Vein Thrombosis, IBS, Crohn’s & other digestive disorders, hormone dysregulation/miscarriages, MS, cancer, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar, CFS, FM, migraines, multiple chemical sensitivity, etc. These conditions are completely avoidable with simple methylated B vitamins and a change in diet (avoid supplemented folic acid in food like the plague). You can read about the mutation in a really well written blog post by googling “Holy MTHFR”. The blog is not all about MTHFR mutations but the blogger takes a complicated condition and puts it into simple terms. Then you can read more convoluted, technical stuff online (mthfr.net and dramyyasko.com and heartfixer.com). There is also an mthfr support account on Facebook too, where doctors familiar with it will answer your questions. I see a doctor in Texas City, Texas, an MD who happens to be schooled in nutrition related disease. (most doctors are not, sadly. Dr. Ben Lynch has a Find a Doctor feature on his website though, if your doctor is not educated on this mutation and how to treat it: mthfr.net) I’ve used Cerefolin NAC for a year now (methyl-folate, methyl-cobalamin and NAC combo) and the smoke smell only comes back if I stop using it for more than a couple of weeks. I am homozygous so it’s a critical thing for me to take it life long. [I learned recently that the preservatives/additives in this form are a trial for my body so I am moving to Dr. Lynch’s additive free methyl Bs.) Oh and the migraines have stopped since I started taking 500 mg of magnesium citrate (has to be citrate or a chelated form of Mag) combined with 500 mg calcium citrate and a combo of vitamin D3/K2 5000 IUs/1100 mcgs before bed. Be sure to use the citrate form since the oxide form is not nearly as bioavailablei.e. a waste of money. (**NOTE: This combo is important NOT only because they have to have each other to work properly but because taking calcium without mag and vit K can contribute to plaque development in your arteries. So if you lower the amt of Mag because your bowels loosen too much in this combo, be SURE to lower Calc to the same level to avoid plaque buildup. This is hyper-critical since those with these mutations already are MUCH more susceptible to heart attacks/strokes/DVT whether you are currently showing signs or not.) In addition to the night Mag combo, I added 500 mg mag citrate alone to my morning routine which also seems to be helping reduce the number of migraines/headaches too. In any event, there seems to be some kind of connection with an increased demand for Mag for those of us with this mutation. [A couple of times I have used about 8 oz of pomegranate juice too, a vasodilator, when the magnesium combo just wasn’t enough and had headaches ease off altogether.] **You can buy these active B vitamins without a prescription at Vitamin Shoppe for about the same as what you spend for a 3 month mail order supply through an online pharmacy like Brand Direct for one of the ‘medical foods’ that combine them into one pill, but you need a prescription for them. (i.e. Deplin, Metanx, Cerefolin NAC—each of these varies in type and amt of active B vitamins and are listed here in increasing amts of methyl-folate/methyl-cobalamin formulations) You may have to try one and move to another if it isn’t enough to address your condition. Just google the contents of each to see the amount of each methylated vitamin in them if you are going to try to match them at Vitamin Shoppe separately. (again, if you are homozygous, consider using forms that have NO additives like Dr. Lynch’s or Yasko’s) Heterzygous—or a person with 1 gene mutation copy— needs less methylated B vitamins usually than those who are homozygous—or have 2 gene mutation copies. You don’t have to be tested to try them but doing so will make it much easier to treat and to know exactly how much you need so you don’t waste money. 1 mutation means you are about 70% efficient at activating your Bs while 2 mutations means your about 10% or less efficient. That is a serious difference and means you are MUCH more susceptible at an earlier age to the disease states associated with this mutation if you are homozygous. However, they are beginning to understand that heterozygous mutations have their own significant challenges so don’t discount your need for methylated Bs if heterozygous. Just a thoughtthe longer you wait, the more likely you are to develop the related and completely avoidable diseases with simple active (methylated) vitamins. Be proactivedon’t wait until you come down with one of these serious diseases because treating it at that point is much harder.I have the same problem..i don’t smoke don’t hang with anyone who smokes..and my home is new ..and I smell smoke..my eyes are buring ..I am so sick of this..has anyone found a cure for this problem yet????YES! Finally, someone with the same symptoms as me! Beginning to think l was going mad! Had an endoscopy 6 mths ago for heartburn/ GERD/ ulser, etc? Was put onto Nexium which fixed the problem for a few months–now l have this ‘smokey’ smell all the time–hard to breath at night. l also have a deviated septum and post nasal drip–apparently it’s all connected. Off to see the specialist again.Thank you for your post about the Acid Reflux. I’m supposed to be on Prilosec twice per day due to a history of bleeding ulcers. Well, when I’m not in pain, I don’t bother. But yes, that annoying smell of smoke is back and I do notice it more when laying in bed with my head propped up on a pillow. Makes sense that it’s the gasses coming back up from inside my body! So, I’m going to take my meds when I get home and see how I feel in a few days. Will let everyone know!Did you get any help? I have had the exact problem and no one knows what is wrong. My lungs have been hurting a little last 2 days.I believe that the smell is from tramadolif your taking any sort of painkillers, and stopI think this is a symptom of withdrawal, I suspect painkillers is THE common denominator in all of these posts.several years ago we went to a arty where the fireplace flue was not working, so all the smoke came into the house, since that time i have had bouts of smelling stale wood, cigarette type smoke in my nostrils. it only happens when i go near a smoky smelling environment. i am on 60 mg of prevacid a day, so i know acid reflux isnt the problem. and, i also know it is psychological. this is a real, physical issue, and i can gt no help for it i guess. i avoid fires as much as possible, but was at an outdoor gathering this weekend where there was a wood fire, and cigarette smokers. have had the smell ever since then. too bad, i know i will have it for at least the next few weeks to months before it clears up. i had had releif for months, but, now it is back. it is so annoying, i think about it all the time. the onlky thing i can do to get some relief is to put vicks vapor rub in my nostrils. after i started using it, someone told me heard that firemen also do that to stop the problem from happening to them. my family thinks i am silly, and refuses to take me seriously when i wont walk past a wood fire or go near anything remotely smokey. so, i usually dont even talk about it. i guess since i have had this for so many years, and it isnt constant i can put up with it, and i dont think it is anything life threatening.

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Tuesday,September 9, 2008 I smell smoke ALL THE TIME. Most of the time it smells like cigarettes and sometime it smells like somethings burning. Most of the time it smells like cigarettes and sometime it smells like somethings burning.

Why Am I Smelling Smoke?— Causes and Remedies

Why You May be Smelling Smoke. While, there are some experts that believe that phantosmia often arises because of a loss of some of the ability to smell normally. Donald Leopold, M.D., Chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of Nebraska, who has been studying olfactory disorders for 30 years, argues that,

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Feb 19, 2017 · I Smell Cigarettes All the Time And I Don’t Smoke. (Page 1) don’t worry, see your doctor for a referral for an ENT. Go to shoppers drug mart,buy a package saline for flushing your nasal passages. you might have a infection, or inflammation in your …

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