which word is a synonym for quaint

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Synonyms for quaint. Modern spelling is from early 14c. Later in English, “elaborate, skillfully made” (c.1300); “strange and clever” (mid-14c.). Sense of “old-fashioned but charming” is first attested 1795, and could describe the word itself, which had become rare after c.1700 (though it soon recovered popularity in this secondary sense).

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Synonym Discussion of quaint. strange, singular, unique, peculiar, eccentric, erratic, odd, quaint, outlandish mean departing from what is ordinary, usual, or to be expected. strange stresses unfamiliarity and may apply to the foreign, the unnatural, the unaccountable. a journey filled with strange sights.

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In the latter case it becomes a synonym for antiquated; in the good sense it approaches the meaning of antique, but indicates less duration. We call a wide New England fireplace old-fashioned; a coin of the Cæsars, antique. Quaint combines the idea of age with a pleasing oddity; as, a …

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ODD is real a synonym for quaint . is real a synonym for quaint ancient, old-fashioned, odd, singular, curious, unusual, strange, special, funny Since “queer” and “odd” are synonyms themselves, they could both be used in the place of “quaint.”.

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It is a storehouse of quaint stories and out-of-the-way information on manners and customs. The quaint streets of Pacific Grove were quiet during the weekday, with a small group of women lingering in the midmorning sun at the café on the corner.

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corn) is when the queer and quaint New England village of P-town transforms into a bona fide lesbian city, bursting at the seams with live music, comedy, parties, sports, tea dances, and (with any luck) beach …

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What is another word for quaint? Need synonyms for quaint? Here’s a list of words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Adjective Translations for quaint Use our Synonym Finder. Nearby Words. quainter. quaintest. quaintly. quaintness. quaintnesses. quake. quails. quailing. quail from.


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