what weighs 100g

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What weighs 100 g? – Quora

Mar 31, 2016 · A 100g rock, a 100g bag of dirt, a 100g marble, a 100g block of metal also weighs 100g. Lots of things weigh 100g, all you gotta do is find 100g of anything & it’ll weigh 100g.

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What weighs 100g – Answers.com

Considering that grams are a unit of mass, their mass would still be 100g. If you used a unit of weight, such as pounds, the relative weight of an object would change from pla…net to planet. On Mercury, a person who weighed 100 lbs normally would instead weigh 38 lbs.

Things that weigh 100g – General Conversation – UK Muscle

Jun 20, 2013 · or you could look for a chocolate bar or something that weighs 100g

what common household item weighs 100 grams – JustAnswer

If you actually need an object that weighs 100 grams all by itself, then measure out 100 ml of water, and then freeze it, so that the resulting ice block will weigh 100 grams. Same for 50 grams – 50 ml of water = 50 grams. Another alternative is eggs. You might have a carton of eggs in which one or more eggs is very close to 50 grams.

Example of what weighs 100 grams – science.answers.com

A tricky question: Mass is a measure of the amount of matter in an object (such as 100g); weight, however, is the measure of the force of gravity on an object. So, weight depe … nds on where you are. If you are here on earth, a 100g mass would weigh 100g.

What weighs more 100g of oxygen or 100g of steel – Answers

100 grams is a 100 grams no matter what the material, they weigh the same.

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Jul 23, 2006 · Does anyone know of an object that weighs 100 grams? Up In Smoke 420, Jul 23, 2006 #1. crudemood Registered+. if your still in school your school might have it. call me crazy but i think 100g of bud would be besthope it all fits on ur digi homemade, Jul 23, …

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Jul 24, 2013 · Test Digital Scale Calibration With Coins To test a digital scale if you don’t have a special calibration weight you can use coins: (Make sure to use new, shiny coins. Worn coins will weigh less).


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