what the prophet muhammad said about nostradamus

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According to Nostradamus: The Muslims will conquer the

Dec 29, 2007 · Answers. Mahdi is a normal man who is going to follow the true Islam. His name will be Muhammad and his father name will be ‘Abdullah. He is a descendant from Ali and Fatima (daughter of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh)) so he will be descendant from al-Hasan or al-Husain. Mahdi will be very just and his capital will be Damascus.

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What Prophet Nostradamus Says About Trump | Exemplore

Oct 21, 2017 · Divining the Meanings. This one is read as an assassination, often of the late President Kennedy, or, because “trumpet” appears, of President Trump. But mostly females anointed their faces with milk and honey, old beauty potions Nostradamus knew about because before he became a prophet, he was a druggist and healer.

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Nostradamus was a false prophet only the God of the Bible

Nostradamus was a false prophet only the God of the Bible has prophets that are always true. A fact often overlooked by critics is that, even if most biblical predictions could be explained naturally, the existence of just one real case of fulfilled prophecy is sufficient …

Nostradamus War with Islam getting closer – Alamongordo

Nostradamus : War between Islam and West ! One ad states “Tuesday, on 9/11. More is planned on the 14th and this time in front of the Presidential Palace.” Meanwhile, British Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary has responded to the anti-Islam trailer with a call for a demonstration in …

Prophecies Made by The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)|Ask a Muslim

Introduction. Muhammad (pbuh) was the seal of the Prophets and he probably made more prophecies than any other prophet. In this article we will discuss the Prophecies made by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), under three separate sections: Prophecies from the Qur’an; Prophecies from the Hadeeths; Prophecies concerning the last days.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) warned us of the ISIS – The

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) warned us of the ISIS predictions made by Nostradamus and Guru Gobind Singhji the Sikh’s tenth Guru. of ALLAH s.w.t. as said in Quran and shown by Prophet

Was Nostradamus a true prophet of God? – GotQuestions.org

Question: “Was Nostradamus a true prophet of God?” Answer: Nostradamus was a French pharmacist who was born in the year 1503 and died on July 2, 1566. Nostradamus has been credited by some with prophetic writings that have supposedly predicted modern events ranging from Hitler’s rise in Germany to the 9/11 attacks on the U.S.

The Prophecies of Muhammad – The Religion of Islam

(4) The Prophet Muhammad prophesized Jerusalem would be conquered after his death. [5] The prophecy was fulfilled when, according to Encyclopedia Britannica: “In 638 the Muslim Caliph, Umar I, entered Jerusalem.” [6] (5) The Prophet Muhammad prophesized the conquest of Persia. [7] It was conquered by Umar’s commander, Sa’ad ibn Abi Waqqas.

Predictions by Nostradamus that seemed to predict the

Nostradamus, a 16th century French apothecary who developed a reputation as an oracle, made a number of predictions that his adherents believe to be accurate. In reality, most of them are just so

Prophets List – Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Pope Prophecies

Wabokieshiek, Ho-Chunk leader also called “The Prophet” or “The Winnebago Prophet”.


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Was Nostradamus a prophet of God? – CompellingTruth.org

Was Nostradamus a prophet of God? Nostradamus, a French pharmacist who lived from 1503 to 1566 has been credited as a prophet, but he was not a true prophet of God. Nostradamus failed to provide verifiable detail in his prognostications and he failed to point to the One True God of the Bible and His Son Jesus Christ.

Nostradamus – Life, Hope & Truth

Nostradamus (1503-1566) came from a Jewish family that converted to Catholicism before his birth. As he grew up, he studied medicine and astrology. He became a respected physician in Aix, the capital of Provence, France, for minimizing the number of deaths from bubonic plague among local residents.


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