what is the widest river in europe

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List of rivers of Europe – Wikipedia

542 rows · Caveats. For example, the Siret in Romania and Ukraine is 726 km with a basin of 44,000 km2 according to the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, 647 km (44,811 km2) according to a Romanian management plan for the Siret basin and 559 km (47,610 km2) according to the extensive transboundary rivers study by the Economic Commission for Europe.

94 82 + Kara ← Bolshoy Kara
86 86 + Korotaikha ← Syadej-Yu
6 6 3 Pechora
* * *

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What is the widest river in europe? | Yahoo Answers

Feb 21, 2010 · Answers. This changes for every river as it descends through its long profile, generally being the widest just before it enters the sea. However, this is most likely correlated to the overall size of the river. The longest river in Europe is actually the “Volga River” and it is also the river with the largest discharge in Europe

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Top Ten Longest Rivers in Europe

11 rows · Notes: The Volga River is the longest river system in Europe. It rises in the hills …

1. Volga 3,692 2,294
2. Danube 2,860 1,777
3. Ural 2,428 1,509
4. Dnieper 2,290 1,423

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What Is the Longest River in Europe? | The 7 Continents of

The Volga River is one of the greatest rivers in the world. And though it’s just the 18th longest river in the world, it is by far the longest in continental Europe. The Volga starts and ends in Russia. It extends for 2,193 miles or 3,530 kilometers and is fed mostly …

List of Longest Rivers in Europe + European Largest River

34 rows · Top 30 Longest Rivers in Europe. But Where Does Europe End? It’s a truly awesome …

Volga 2193 3530 Valdai Hills (European part of Russia)
Danube 1768 2845 Black Forest (Germany)
Dnepr 1368 2200 Valdai Hills (European part of Russia)
Don 1162 1870 Central Russian plate

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The Longest Rivers of Europe – WorldAtlas.com

The Ural River at 1,508 miles, is the third longest river in Europe and flows through Russia and Kazakhstan. Its waters are used for irrigation and as a fishing source. The Dnieper River at 1,422 miles flows through Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. Dams and hydroelectric power are located in its span.

Which is the widest river in Europe and how wide is it?

The widest river in the World is the Río de la Plata at 220 kilometres (140 mi) at the mouth. A lot depends on the definition of a river and where a river stops becomi…ng a river, and becomes

Major Rivers in Europe by Length and Area

Dniester River. Part of the border between Ukraine and Moldova is formed by the Dniester River. The huge basin area of the river covers 68,627 square kilometers. The average discharge of the river is 310 cubic meters per second which makes it stand second to the Volga River …

What Is The World’s Widest River? – Universe Today

The Amazon River is a heck of a big tributary. Besides being one of the LONGEST rivers in the world, it also happens to be the WIDEST.

List of rivers by length – Wikipedia

The length may depend on whether the center or the edge of the river is measured. It may not be clear how to measure the length through a lake. Seasonal and annual changes may alter both rivers and lakes. Other factors that can change the length of a river include cycles of erosion and flooding, dams, levees, and channelization.

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