what is clumsy in tagalog

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Clumsy in Tagalog, translation, English-Tagalog Dictionary

(informal, fairly rare) A clumsy person. awkward, lacking coordination, not graceful, not dextrous. Not elegant or well-planned, lacking tact or subtlety. awkward or inefficient in use or construction, difficult to handle or manage especially because of shape. A clumsy person. Difficult to handle, because of shape.

What is clumsy in tagalog – Answers.com

The noun form of the adjective ‘clumsy’ is clumsiness .

English to Tagalog: clumsy | Tagalog Translation

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Translate clumsy meaning in Tagalog with examples

Contextual translation of “clumsy meaning” into Tagalog. Human translations with examples: lampa, caveat, humobog, magawak, tweaked, kadalasan, kahulugan nm. 0; (Latin>Italian) i think this is enough to brought (English>Tagalog) le flnc menace le groupe terroriste daesh (French>English) gawin mo rin ang ginawa ko (Tagalog>English)

Translate clumsy in Tagalog with contextual examples

Contextual translation of “clumsy” into Tagalog. Human translations with examples: lampa, malamya, tagalog ng clumsy.

Clumsy sa Tagalog, pagsasalin, Ingles-Tagalog Diksiyonaryo

Ipinapakita ang pahina 1. Natagpuan 25 pangungusap pagtutugma sa parirala clumsy.Natagpuan sa 5 ms.Translation memory ay nilikha sa pamamagitan ng tao, ngunit nakahanay sa pamamagitan ng computer, na kung saan ay maaaring maging sanhi ng mga pagkakamali. Dumating ito mula sa maraming mga pinagkukunan at hindi naka-check. Maging Warned.

How to say clumsy in Cebuano – WordHippo

How to say clumsy in Cebuano What’s the Cebuano word for clumsy? Here’s a list of translations.

What does clumsy mean? definition, meaning and audio

Pronunciation (US): • CLUMSY (adjective) The adjective CLUMSY has 4 senses: 1. lacking grace in movement or posture 2. not elegant or graceful in expression 3. difficult to handle or manage especially because of shape 4. showing lack of skill or aptitude Familiarity information: CLUMSY used as an adjective is uncommon.

Clumsy – definition of clumsy by The Free Dictionary

clumsy – lacking grace in movement or posture; “a gawky lad with long ungainly legs”; “clumsy fingers”; “what an ungainly creature a giraffe is”; “heaved his unwieldy figure out of his chair”. clunky, gawky, ungainly, unwieldy.

Clumsy Tagalog Version – Dj Sundalong Bata and Ms. Ganda

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Aug 01, 2008 · Mix – Clumsy Tagalog Version – Dj Sundalong Bata and Ms. Ganda YouTube; TOTAL ECLIPSE -TAGALOG VERSION LYRICS- – Duration: Top OPM Tagalog Love Songs 2018 – Duration: 2:01:18.

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Clumsy | Definition of Clumsy by Merriam-Webster

Synonym Discussion of clumsy. awkward, clumsy, maladroit, inept, gauche mean not marked by ease (as of performance, movement, or social conduct). awkward is widely applicable and may suggest unhandiness, inconvenience, lack of muscular control, embarrassment, or lack of tact. periods of awkward silence.

What is clumsy – answers.com

Clumsy – not graceful or skillfull; awkward Sentence: The clumsy boy bumped into all the furniture. .

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Nov 27, 2010 · Lampa (Clumsy — Tagalog Version).wmv Shiela Del rosario. Loading Unsubscribe from Shiela Del rosario? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 15.

awkward – English-Tagalog Dictionary – Glosbe

Lacking grace or skill in manner or movement or performance. causing inconvenience; “they arrived at an awkward time”. difficult to handle or manage especially because of shape; “an awkward bundle to carry”; “a load of bunglesome paraphernalia”; “clumsy wooden shoes”; “the cello, a rather ungainly instrument for a girl”.


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