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Use cartographer in a sentence | cartographer sentence

It will suffice therefore to point out that the ordinary needs of the cartographer can be met by conical projections, and, in the case of maps covering a wide area, by Lambert’s equal area projection.

Cartographer in a sentence | Example sentences

Cartographer in a sentence. Inspector Carillo asked me to talk to a cartographer so they could have a composite image of the stranger. A cartographer sat next to him with maps spread out before them, and there were four guards to his flanks. Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

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Sentences and phrases with the word cartographer. He was a brilliant navigator, a talented cartographer and a relatively humane captain by the standards of his time. Some were likely produced in workshops where a well-established cartographer supervised the work of assistants and signed the finished product.

use cartographer in a sentence, cartographer example

use “cartographer” in a sentence. Enhancement Enhancement is also a method that can be employed by the cartographer to illuminate specific elements that aid in map reading. As it can only be destroyed by he who made it, the cartographer of Lost Places, the companions journey to his refuge, the Keep of Time.

Use cartography in a sentence –

Cartography Sentence Examples He introduced a new standard of accuracy in the cartography of ancient Greece. Only two specimens of Roman cartography have come down to us, viz.

use cartographer in a sentence, cartographer example

use “cartographer” in a sentence As a geographer Drioux worked primarily with cartographer Charles Leroy. The opening screen (above) and a view of beach on Silent Cartographer (below). A Plan of the New Fort at Pitts-Burgh, drawn by cartographer JohnRocque and published in 1765.

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Cartographer is the word for map-maker, so a sentence using it would be, “The cartographer sat down in the rough, oak chair, glancing at the half-drawn map of some small Iris…h town, thinking of anything but Ireland or maps.”.

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Cartography in a sentence | Example sentences

Cartography in a sentence. He’s also credited with inventing an algorithm for the systematic identification of prime numbers, in addition to his work in cartography and other fields. Did that imply he was a partial one? Maybe he had had some training—the same way he had had cartography training—but not as much as one needed to qualify for the title.

How to use cartography in a sentence – WordHippo

Whereas cartography is the art and science of mapmaking, cartographic design concerns the map user. It can be said, without much controversy, that cartography is the seed from which the …

Cartography in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote

Cartography in a sentence. (11) The polyline is one basic cartography factor to express the lineal spatial entity in vector GIS. (12) He used the scientific cartography method and latitude and the end of the five continents. (13) A computer-aided cartography system for surface mine survey is proposed.

Cartographer in a sentence (esp. good sentence like quote

15+1 sentence examples: 1. Find a good cartographer. Though his maps may cost more, they are extremely accurate. 2. A cartographer is a person whose job is drawing maps. 3. Cartographer Andy Woodruff documents all the places he goes, resulting in the

Cartographer in a sentence – words IN A SENTENCE

use Cartographer in a sentence example sentences – learn words in the context and see their meaning. She was a noted artist, historian and cartographer in Henry County. The inhabitants of Majorca were great navigators and cartographers. Italian medieval cartographers came mostly from Genoa and Venice.

Cartographer dictionary definition | cartographer defined

In the former case the cartographer is merely called upon to reduce and generalize the information given by his originals, to make a judicious selection of place names, and to take care that the map is not overcrowded with names and details.


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