sunset dwarf gourami

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Dwarf Gourami Fish Breed Profile –

Dwarf Gourami Sunset Morph. Rick Leche . The dwarf gourami is a peaceful and shy fish. If you have a pair of them, the two fish will swim together. Dwarf gouramis are considered labyrinth fish, which means they breathe straight from the air with a lung-like labyrinth organ and …

Dwarf Gourami Care, Size, Life Span, Tank Mates, Breeding

The Dwarf Gourami originates in the waters of India and is not only beautiful but they can be particularly hardy as well. The male is more colorful while the females are less colorful. Common Names: Blue, Sunset Gourami, Powder Blue Gourami, Neon. Care Level : Easy, The dwarf and the frontosa might be able to do well together now, but

Dwarf Gourami –

The Dwarf Gourami is a popular aquarium fish. It is sturdy and the males display a striking colouration. You can purchase several different colour variations of this fish, including Blue Dwarf Gourami, Neon Dwarf Gourami, Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami, Sunset Dwarf Gourami and Flame Sunset Dwarf Gourami.

Difference Between Sunset Thicklip Gourami And Honey

Aug 17, 2013 · That is a Flame Dwarf Gourami BTW, I’ve kept Sunset Thicklipped Gouramis and they are great. Let me see if I can find some pictures to post up so you can be sure what you’re getting.

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Sunset Honey Gourami Fish For Sale

The honey gourami (Trichogaster chuna) is a species of gourami native to India and Bangladesh. Courtesy of Wikipedia. The ancestors of these Gouramis came from East Asia, but now they live in aquariums all over the world. There are several species of Gouramis for sale in this store. I n aquariums, Sunset Honey Gouramis can grow to be 2″ long.

Dwarf Gourami (Trichogaster lalius) – The Free Freshwater

Dwarf Gourami, Red Dwarf Gourami, Striped Dwarf Gourami, Sunset Dwarf Gourami, Powder Blue Gourami Additional scientific names Trichopodus lalius, Colisa lalius, Colisa unicolor, Polyacanthus lalius, Colisa lalia. Origin [edit | edit source] Found in dense vegetation in slow moving streams, rivulets and lakes in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

Aquarium Fish – Anabantids – Gouramis – Honey/Sunset

Popular Gourami Species: Banded Gourami Colista fasciata: Giant Gourami Osphronemus gorami: Chocolate Gourami Sphaerichthys osphromenoides Dwarf Gourami Colisa lalia Honey/Sunset Gourami Colisa chuna Kissing Gourami Helostoma temminckii Moonlight Gourami Trichogaster microlepis Pearl Gourami Trichogaster leeri Snakeskin Gourami

Dwarf gourami – Wikipedia

The dwarf gourami (Trichogaster lalius) is a species of gourami native to South Asia. Distribution and habitat. The dwarf gourami is native to Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. However, it has also been widely distributed outside of its native range. It inhabits slow-moving waters in rivulets, streams and lakes, occurring in areas with plentiful

Family: Osphronemidae

Live Aquarium Gourami Fish for sale | eBay

Dwarf Gourami Male Male dwarf gourami features a blue body with red vertical stripes and blue fins. Female dwarf gourami are sold separately at a lower price. Females are a solid tan color. Dwarf gourami is peaceful and easy to take care of and suitable for nearly every type of freshwater aquarium.

The Ultimate Honey Gourami Care Guide | Fishkeeping Advice

The Honey Gourami (scientifically known as Trichogaster Chuna) is a species of small tropical fish that belongs to the popular Gourami family. Honey Gouramis are not as popular as Dwarf Gouramis due to the fact that their colourings tend to look bland and boring in a retail environment, and few people know enough about them to know that their

Is Your Gourami Male or Female? –

The Dwarf Gourami: Caring for Tropical Fish Freshwater Aquarium Basics How do Fish know when they are Hungry, How do they Swim Straight? Freshwater Aquarium Basics Why all Live Freshwater Fish Need Live Plants for Healthy Life Freshwater Aquarium Basics

Dwarf Thicklip Sunset Gourami Fish | Arizona Aquatic Gardens

Description. Colisa labiosa, thick-lipped gourami. Size: Up to 3″ pH: 6.0 – 7.5 Temp: 68-80F Origin: Indian Rivers & SE Asia. This is yet another Dwarf Gourami that is an omnivore Labyrinth Fish like a Betta, so it must have access to the surface of your aquarium to breathe.

Thick Lipped Gourami, Trichogaster labiosa, Sunset

It is known as the Sunset Gourami or Sunset Thicklip Gourami, and sometimes is also called the Orange Thicklip Gourami or Golden Thicklip Gourami. This gourami is very closely related to the well known Dwarf Gourami Trichogaster lalius and the Banded Gourami Trichogaster fasciatus .

Honey Gourami, Trichogaster chuna, Honey Dwarf Gourami

A number of descriptive common names are used for these varieties that including Sunset Gourami, Red Flame Honey Gourami, Dwarf Fire Gourami, Red Robin Gourami, Gold Honey Gourami, Red Honey Gourami, Red Fire Dwarf Gourami, Red Flame Gourami, Red Honey Fire Gourami, Sunburst Gourami, and various combinations of these terms.

Golden/Sunset/Honey/Dwarf Gourami? | Fish, Snail, Worm And

Jan 11, 2016 · There is a breed of honey gourami that are “sunset honey gourami”. These are small and peaceful like the honey gourami just more reddish. Sometimes it is called the dwarf honey gourami but it is a chuna not lalia (below)


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