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Super Slime Soccer – Official Site

Super Slime Soccer is an online 2 player game simulating a football match between two slimes with special abilities.

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Slime Games – Official Site

Slime Volleyball: Original Created By Anonymous The creator is still unknown, but this game was discovered on the internet by Clive Gout, an Australian Computer Science student, who sent it to all of his peers over his University Intranet.

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Original Slime Soccer – Cobras Soccer Academy

Original Slime Soccer. In a scene straight out of your nightmares, a truck full of “slime eels” lost its load Thursday on U.S. 101, causing a five-car crash, dousing sedans with goo and sending sea creatures slithering across vehicles and the highway. Technically, Cheatbook your source for Cheats, Video game Cheat Codes and Game Hints,

Slime Soccer Games offers you the best soccer games online! Come play our soccer arcade flash games today!

Super Slime Soccer Game – Play online at

An extension of the classic slime soccer game. All the fun of the original with additional slimes, powerups, and modes.


The BEST Edible Jello Slime Recipe (with VIDEO) – The

The original and BEST edible Jello slime recipe is only 3 ingredients and changes color when you mix it! Click for easy VIDEO tutorial & instructions. About the Soccer Mom Blog

Play Super Slime Soccer | Free Online Games.

Super Slime Soccer This is a really fun soccer game. Score as many goals as you can. You can play against the computer or other friends multiplayer. Use the space bar to select options at the start. Arrow keys move players left/right and you can also move up/down with the up/down keys. – World’s Best Slime Games!

SlimeZone has thousands and thousands of online games to pick from, with a large variety from Action to Sports, we have all the genres covered. If you’re playing by yourself or with friends we have one and two player games that you can enjoy as well.

HTML5 Version of Slime Volleyball : gaming – reddit

I loved playing slime volleyball in high school, I’d be willing to take a few days and port it to javascript. I’d make sure to keep the physics/control/feel of the game exactly the same. I could also add network multiplayer, however, I would like the blessing of the original creators Quin …

Slime Games – World Cup Soccer Slime

World Cup Soccer Slime (Quin Pendragon) At Title Screen Press 6 to toggle superslimeness. ‘B’ to toggle double-buffering (makes it slower but not flickery). S/K to change identity to your favourite World Cup side. Keys Player 1: Left – A, Jump – W, Right – D, Grab – S.


May 22, 2015 · So I found the original version of Slime Soccer! Now that the computer can’t cheat with boosts/special powers, let’s see how well I fare against it! If you …


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