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Was the robe of Jesus Scarlet or Purple? |

John 19:5, “Jesus then came out, wearing the crown of thorns and the purple robe. Pilate said to them, “Behold, the Man!” Was the robe of Jesus scarlet or purple? To answer the question, we must first examine the colors to see what they are. Below is a chart showing both scarlet and purple with different shades, in hex code, side by side.

Matthew 27:28 Commentaries: They stripped Him and put a

a scarlet robe] A soldier’s scarf, Lat. chlamys: it was generally worn by superior officers, but its use was not confined to them. This may have been a worn-out scarf belonging to Pilate; it is different from “the gorgeous robe” , which Herod’s soldiers put on Jesus. Scarlet …

Why was a scarlet robe placed on Jesus –

Scarlet robes were worn by royalty and emperors, and it was the Roman soldiers’ way of mocking Him. “they stripped Him, and put on Him a scarlet robe.

Was Jesus robe scarlet or purple? – Gospel Hall Assemblies

Is Jesus the only person in the Godhead? Is the title “the Son of Man” a messianic title? Should we use the name Jesus or Lord Jesus Christ? Was Jesus body “broken” or “given”? Was Jesus in Hell between his death and resurrection? Was Jesus robe scarlet or purple? Was Judas present at the institution of the Lord

Apologetics Press – Was the Robe Placed on Jesus Scarlet

Whereas Matthew says that the soldiers “put a scarlet robe ” on Jesus (27:27-28), Mark says that “they clothed Him with purple ” (15:16-17), and John states that the soldiers put “ a purple robe ” on Him (19:1-2). These differences have lead some to believe and advocate that

Scarlet Robe or Purple Robe (and Why It Doesn’t Matter

When Matthew tells us they gave Jesus a “scarlet robe,” he is telling is what they used to mock Jesus. And when Mark and John tell us they placed “purple” on Jesus, they are explaining why they did this – to parody the notion that Jesus is a king.

Scarlet in the Bible

Jan 24, 2019 · The book of Matthew states that Pontius Pilate’s soldiers placed a scarlet (Strong’s #G2847) colored robe on Jesus in order to mock him (Matthew 27:28). The Gospels of Mark (Mark 15:17, 20) and John (John 19:2, 5), however, in their parellel reference, state that the robe used to mock the Lord was purple.

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Contradiction of The Color of Jesus Robe? | Christian Forums

May 05, 2017 · A Supposed Biblical Contradiction! After preaching through Mt 27:28 where it says they put a “scarlet” robe upon Jesus, I read in Jn 19:2 that they put a purple robe upon him.

Jesus in the Snow –

When you look at the patterns of melting snow, do you see black and white blotches, or do you see the face of Jesus looking back at you? Black and White Blotches Jesus in the Snow Melting Snow Picture on the Refrigerator Scarlet Robe Creations


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