root word of admission

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What is the root word of admission –

The root word of a root word is the first syllable. An example of aroot word is hap in happiness. The sequence goes as such; hap,happen happenings, happiness.

What is the base word for the word admission
What is the root word for argument
Root word of admission

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Admission | Define Admission at

Explore an act or condition of being received or accepted in a position, profession, occupation, or office; appointment: admission to the bar. confession of a charge, an error, or a crime; acknowledgment: His admission of the theft solved the mystery. an acknowledgment of …

Miss,mit &mitt are the root-words for many other words.

These ROOT-WORDS are MIT, MITT & MISS which come from the Latin mittere & missus meaning to SEND. The Latin Root accounts for the two spellings and the double letters in the English words. In the list you will find words made with earlier ones. How simple they seem now! How easy it is to understand the words made of those roots!

50 Word Roots from Latin – English

The most common words in English have Germanic word roots (from the Anglo-Saxon that became Old English). However, the vast majority of words in an English dictionary, and the words used most heavily in academic writing, have Latin (or sometimes Greek) roots.

root word – Dictionary Definition :

root word. A root word has no prefix or suffix — it’s the most basic part of a word. The root word at the heart of “conformity,” for example, is “form.”. In linguistics, a root …

Definition and Examples of Root Words in English

Updated June 18, 2018. In English grammar and morphology, a root is a word or word element (in other words, a morpheme) from which other words grow, usually through the addition of prefixes and suffixes. Also called a root word. In Greek and Latin Roots (2008), T. Rasinski et al. define root …

Root word – definition of root word by The Free Dictionary

root word – (linguistics) the form of a word after all affixes are removed; “thematic vowels are part of the stem”. stem, root, theme, radical, base. linguistics – the scientific study of language.

Roots2Words – English Vocabulary for Tests, School, and

Knowing how to apply Latin and Greek roots to decode the meanings of unfamiliar words is the most powerful possible shortcut to a wider vocabulary. Start sequencing multiple roots, prefixes, and suffixes, and your vocabulary increases exponentially.

Are Base Words and Root Words the Same?

The Confusion About Base Words and Root Words. When dealing with root and base words, things get tricky when the base word also has a Greek or Latin root. For example, civil is a base word that describes someone courteous, or something related to ordinary citizens.

Admission Synonyms, Admission Antonyms |

Admission to the great peace-loving Combine, may the crabs devour them. By his own admission he was against the law, a “crook,” and—the penitentiary was looming. Helen nodded, and there was a sort of helplessness in her admission.

Admission – definition of admission by The Free Dictionary

admission charge, admission fee, admission price, entrance fee, entrance money, price of admission fee – a fixed charge for a privilege or for professional services 4.

Application | Define Application at

the act of requesting. a written or spoken request or appeal for employment, admission, help, funds, etc.: to file an application for admission to a university. a form to be filled out by an applicant, as for a job or a driver’s license. close attention; persistent effort: Application to one’s studies is necessary.


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