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Typical Parts of a Roof. Rafters The beams that run from the top of the roof to the bottom. Part of the roof truss. Decking or Sheathing Panels that cover the rafters and to which the roofing material (shingles, metal panels, etc..) are attached. Underlayment often called tar paper this heavy felt paper (synthetic materials are available as well)

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Parts of a roof. Cold weather, conversely, reduces the effectiveness of the self-adhesive strips under the shingles. A roof can still be reshingled at other times of year, as long as the roofer adjusts the installation method (e.g., adding glue dots under the shingles). .

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COMMON PARTS/COMPONENTS OF A ROOF. Cornice: The points of the roof that project from the side walls of the house. Courses: Rows of shingles or tiles installed horizontally. Decking or Sheathing: The surface to which the shingles and/or panels are applied. It usually consists of either plywood or oriented strand board (OSB).

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Parts of a roof on a house work together to protect the building. Every part of a roof has a specific purpose to ensure protection of a house from the elements. Like a puzzle, each part works with the others to enhance the strength and security of the roof while providing flexibility for design options.

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PARTS OF A ROOF; Contents. 1 The exterior of your roof. 1.1 Layer 1 it’s possible to understand several different parts of your roof and how each roofing component relates to every other element: around the window. The most common type of dormer is the gable roof dormer. Names for specific areas of your roof. Roofing contractors use a

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Roofing parts and elements. Guttering transports water away from your walls and foundations. Eaves do double duty by keeping sun and rain at bay, and flashing and cladding stops rain from leaking through the roof. The shape and design of your roof will have long term implications for the appearance and liveability of your home, so choose wisely!

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Names roof parts products are most popular in Africa, Domestic Market, and North America. You can ensure product safety by selecting from certified suppliers, including 13 with ISO9001, 4 with OHSAS18001, and 4 with ISO14001 certification.

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Here’s a breakdown of all of the parts that go into a residential roof, some of which can no longer be seen when the job is done. What’s under roofing shingles On the surface, a roof looks like a simple layering of shingles, but it’s actually much more complex than the average homeowner may realize.

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A simple, stick-built triangular roof structure has three main components. First, there’s a ridge board, which is a horizontal wood element at the peak of the roof, establishing the apex of the roof’s triangle. Next are the rafters, which are fastened to the ridge board and slope downward to the exterior walls. The rafters do the heavy lifting for a roof structure.

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Domestic roof construction is the framing and roof covering which is found on most detached houses in cold and temperate climates. Such roofs are built with mostly timber, take a number of different shapes, and are covered with a variety of materials.

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Glossary of house parts and house structure components

Glossary of Common House Parts

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Pitch – is the slope of the roof plane, referred to as the height of rise over length of run, ie: 3:12. Steep slope refers to any pitch great than 3:12 and very low slope refers to any pitch less than 1.5:12. Most metal roofs can be installed on roof pitches of 4:12 or greater though many …

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Bargeboard. A board attached to the edge of a gable roof. In house styles such as Gothic Revival and Tudor, bargeboards often bear intricate carvings or colorful painted details. Also called vergeboard or …

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Metal Roofing Terms. Note: It is very important to understand the terminology of any subject you wish to have a working knowledge of. We have listed specialty words and their definitions below and we have included drawings to illustrate many of the terms. Roof Styles . Roofing Terms.


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