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Quake 3 Arena Console Commands – joz3d.net

cl_motd “1” toggle the display of “Message of the day”. When Quake 3 Arena starts a map up, it sends the GL_RENDERER string to the Message Of The Day server at id. This responds back with a message of the day to the client. If you wish to switch this option off, set CL_MOTD to 0.

Console Commands (Q3) | QuakeWiki – quake.fandom.com

Miscallaneous Console Commands: cg_thirdperson 1 – third-person view (Tomb Raider-style). arena bot_challenge 1 – makes the bots more challenging. changeVectors cinematic clear – clear the console. cmd condump – save console text to a file. configstrings crash – Older version of Quake 3 only. Activate “crash” will crash the game! cvar_restart

Quake 3 Arena| Commands for beginners – YouTube

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Jul 12, 2017 · In this video i will show you the commands what can make the game easier. 6:52 /cg_gibs 0.

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Quake3World.com: Quake 3 Beginner’s Guide

Quake III Console To enter the console, press the tilde ~ key at any time in game except during a map load. The tilde key is found above TAB and to the left of number 1.

Quake 3 Arena Console Commands – Gameaholic dot Com

Quake 3 Arena Console Commands. New! : Quake 3 Arena demo is now available! Visit our files section for download links. These are all commands accessable through the Quake 3 console (press ~ to bring the console down). You can also put these commands in your \demoq3\q3config.cfg file and they will be executed every time you start Quake 3.

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Console Commands (Q3) — those of Quake III. Console Commands (Q4) — those of Quake IV. This article is a disambiguation page for Console Commands The following is a list of links to

Quake 3 Server Setup Guide – 3dgw.com

Quake 3 provides this via the ability to create a variable that holds several commands. Therefore we get a simple map rotation by defining a variable that holds the command to start a map and define what the next map is to be executed.

Quake Console Commands – Games

Quake Console Commands by Niklata. The latest version of the Quake Console Commands List is available at Niklata’s Technical Resources.. Here’s the most comprehensive list of Quake console commands that I know of. I’ve browsed through QUAKE.EXE Shareware 1.00 and have dug out as many commands as I can find :).

Quake3World.com: Quake 3 Beginner’s Guide

Chat Commands Taking Screenshots Recording Demos Maps Mods Punkbuster Server Administration Quake3world.com: Server Administration When the listen server host player exits Quake III or returns to the main menu the server shuts down and disconnects any connected clients. To run a listen server in Quake III, choose the multiplayer menu.

LWT|Quake III – Commands

Reports the ability to use commands and variables coded as cheats. Enabled until a map is loaded. Stays enabled if a map is loaded with the “devmap” command. 0=disabled;1=enabled.

Quake 3 Smoothness Guide – mikemartin.co

1: TRUE vsync in quake 3, it LOCKS your fps with your monitors refresh rate. So, those of you that know what your doing, OVERRIDE your monitors refreshrate to 125hz at whatever resolution you play in, most of you should be able to get 120hz with a crt.

Quakearea – Quake Server Commands

Here you will find some useful quake 3 server commands. The list is not organized, sorted by “arrival”. #

Quake III Arena Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for PC – GameFAQs

Dec 02, 1999 · For Quake III Arena on the PC, GameFAQs has 41 cheat codes and secrets.

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