piranha fish where do they live

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Piranhas in the wild live only in South America, primarily in the Amazon River and other coastal rivers of northeastern Brazil. They require warm water to survive and do not eat when the water temperature is less than 54 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep Learning.

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Typically, piranhas in the wild live only in South America — this is their natural habitat. They inhabit rivers and basins connected to the ocean, particularly the Amazon, the Guyana, the Essequibo and other coastal rivers. They’re common in northeastern Brazil. They …

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Red piranhas live in rivers in South America. They are usually dark blue-brown with a silvery sheen and a red belly, which gives the fish its name. The razor-sharp teeth of the piranha are so effective that a group of them can strip the flesh from a carcass in minutes. The skin of the red piranha has silvery flecks with red on the belly.

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Piranha Fish. Image Source. The Piranha Fish (also known as the ‘caribe’ in Venezuela) is a ferocious, schooling, fresh-water fish. It is native to warm rainforest lowland streams and lakes in South America – the Amazon basin, in the Orinoco River and east of the Andes Mountains.

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Piranhas aren’t apex predators—they’re prey to caimans, birds, river dolphins, and other large pescatarian fish. So traveling in shoals has the effect of protecting the inner fish from attack.

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Origin and Distribution. Piranha are found across a wide geographical range in South America, including Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Guyana, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, and Uruguay. They live in the Amazon River basin as well as in the basins of the Paraguay, Parana, and Essequibo rivers.


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