orgone generator plans

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Orgone Generator Innovations . . . – 528 Orgone Generators

The large 528 Orgone Generator Pyramids are used for filling your entire room or office with this healing vibration and positive energy of LOVE! (These are too large to be used for physical therapy. Use the small or medium size pyramids for clinical applications.)

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Orgone Accumulator Building Plans – ALTERED STATES

Orgone Accumulator Building Plans. Wilhelm Reich vs. the U.S.A. by Jerome Greenfield; W. W. Norton & Company Inc.; New York, 1974 first edition pp. with some updated information but he passed away before this was finalized.

How to make an Orgone Accumulator for improved health and

Reich’s orgone accumulator was a box that worked like a capacitor to collect and store energy from the surrounding space. The collected energy would flow by gradient into the lower energy of the person inside the box. His boxes were alternating layers of wood and metal.

DIY: Build a Pyramid, Tetrahedron or Cone Orgone Generator

DIY: Build a Pyramid, Tetrahedron or Cone Orgone Generator. Insert the 7ft pipe pieces into the vinyl sleeves, and form a square 7-by-7ft. Then place the ends of each 6’7.5″ lengths in each corner of the square, forming a pyramid. At this point you just have to do …

Build Your Own Orgone Generator To Protect Yourself From

An orgone generator is a smaller, simpler version of the orgone accumulaters built by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s. Orgone generators are a mixture of organic and inorganic material that when combined, have the power to attract negative energy and convert it into positive energy which is released into the surrounding environment.

Visible effect of orgone generator on garden –

Visible effect of orgone generator on garden Part two, Summer 2005 . One year ago, we carry out a test to see objectively, if orgone generator had any effect on the vegetable kingdom.


The Orgone Generator Bible –

1 The Orgone Generator Bible There is a lot of information on the internet about the dangers of harmful E.L.F [microwave] frequencies that are ‘directed’ at nice spiritual citizens by the corrupt

How to Make an Orgone Accumulator Blanket and Harness

Orgone (according to renegade psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich) is the sexual energy that runs the universe. Here’s how to build a blanket that actually accumulates it! That’s the theory behind orgone accumulators. Orgone, so its proponents claim, is the energy of life, expressed …

Orgone Generator F.A.Q – Educate-Yourself

‘Orgone Generator’ is a term I’m using advisedly, of course, since all things are generated from orgone. In fact, these devices primarily draw in unbalanced orgone, revitalize it, and send it back out again.

Zephyr Technology FREE ENERGY Orgone Box, Orgone

* The Orgone Accumulator may be considered to be a “Component” of “The Force” (similar to a Capacitor or Diode being a component of electrical energy) MD. This means The ELF Generator puts out a real electromagnetic field Prayerfully consider, along with your family and friends, your best course of action concerning this

Orgone Generator Plans –

Orgone Generator Plans – Up To 72% Off 7 Chakra Crystal Tree of Life Orgone Pyramid Kit/Includes 4 Crystal Quartz Energy Points/EMF Protection Meditation Yoga Energy Generator … $4.89 at Amazon


Since orgone is the same energy that is in the bodies of all living organisms, the accumulator has the effect of increasing the body energy of the user– increasing the natural charge of the user’s tissue and blood—thus strengthening the user’s resistance to disease.


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