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The Wizard of Oz – Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Easily move forward or …

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Wicked Witch of the West: [last words] Ohhh! You cursed

The Wizard of Oz is a 1939 musical film about a young Kansas girl cast into a fantasy world. Her efforts to return home are aided by three unusual companions, each with a quest of his own. more ».

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So, you won’t take warning, eh? All the worse for you. I’ll take care of you now instead of later. When I gain those ruby slippers, my power will be the greatest in Oz. Now my beauties. Something with poi-son in it I think. With poison in it. But attractive to the eye and soothing to the smell. Ha-ha-ha-ha. Poppies. Poppies. Poppies will put them to sleep.

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The Wizard of Oz may be over 70 years old, but it’s a classic film that is still loved today by adults and children alike. A story of adventure, friendship, and the love of family and home, this film’s message still rings …

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What others are saying “Wizard of oz” “I’m melting! I’m melting! Oh what a world! Oh what a world!” See more

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The Wizard of Oz: And never will again, I fancy. There’s only one of him and he’s it. He’s the Horse of a Different Color, you’ve heard tell about.

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Northfield, OH 44067-0811. Ohio Wizard of Oz Festival 2018. The Start of the 2018 Festival September 28, 2018. The big day is here. Social Media. Interpretations of Oz-An exhibit of Art based on the Wonderful World of Oz! There’s No Place Like Home-Home Improvement Expo; Events & Attractions;

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Aug 15, 1939 · The Wizard of Oz is enjoyable for people of all ages. Everything about it brings a smile to my face. Oz gives us an idea of what an almost perfect world would be like. No matter how old this movie becomes and we still look back on it, we’ll still be able to enjoy at least one thoughtful movie. Classics never die. (Hence the name.) 120 of


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According to Wikipedia’s entry about the book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the witch of the north is given a name. This entry about the movie says otherwise. The Witch of the North is not named in the book. A name is given for her in one of the distant sequels, but that doesn’t belong in the article on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I’ll fix it.

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In the comic book series Grimm Fairy Tales presents Oz, the Wicked Witch of the West is named Lynessa. When she’s defeated, she cries “Oh, no! I’m falling, falling! What a world!” Unfortunately for the Wicked Witch of the West, the Wizard entrusted the key to …

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