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Moribund Sentence Examples This was the high tide of its prosperity; in New York in 1833 the organization was moribund , and its. Politically moribund , it succumbed to the attacks of its virile southern neighbours, who, having emerged from foreign tutelage, developed according to the natural laws of their own genius and environment.

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Moribund in a sentence. As a result of all this, the Israeli economy had been hit hard, with its important tourist industry all but moribund now, the potential tourists scared away by the bombardments, and with its agricultural produces left to rot in warehouses, their usual export buyers now keeping their distances.

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A moribund economy and the decline of traditionally unionized industries eroded the base of the labor movement. He brought superb organizational skills, financial muscle and a solidly conservative orientation to what had been a moribund party.

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Moribund in a sentence. 29. The US dollar, a once proud and honest currency, is moribund, like the nation it represents. 30. Their job was difficult, frustrating, and sometimes dangerous; in many communities, the system grew moribund because no one wanted to serve as headman.

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moribund Sentence Examples. This was the high tide of its prosperity; in New York in 1833 the organization was moribund, and its. 2. Use “moribund” in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. moribund in a sentence. Moribund; Our marriage has been moribund for years.

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moribund definition: The definition of moribund is someone or something that is near death or that is lacking in life and vitality. (adjective) An example of moribund is a description you would use for someone who is on his death bed and about to pass a

Moribund in a sentence –

Jun 22, 2006 · A relative pronoun introduces a relative clause, a group ofwords that has a subject and a verb but is not a complete sentence.A relative clause give information about the antecedent.

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You are here: moribund in a sentence. The reviewers ‘criticism says a lot about the failure of our cultural establishment to acknowledge any interesting creative departure in what they are insistent on calling the moribund form of the novel — despite all evidence to the contrary.

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Critics may speak of the moribund state of poetry, or lament the moribund record or newspaper industry. Examples of moribund in a Sentence an actor who is trying to revive his moribund career The peace talks are moribund .

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use “moribund” in a sentence. No candidates were nominated to replace them, and the League became moribund. Time on the Cross directly challenged the long-held conclusions that slavery was unprofitable, a moribund institution, inefficient, and extremely harsh for typical slave. Isolation and reduction of. makes his way back to Crystal Lake.

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Example sentences for Moribund. Learn the meaning of the word and increase your vocabulary while using Moribund in a sentence.

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When Murdoch bought the paper in 1969 it was a moribund broadsheet losing a ton of money, with a circulation of 800,000.

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Sentences Containing ‘moribund’ This is because the transfers of debentures to TCL/Westco could not be completed in law because of the moribund status of the company.

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Feb 20, 2013 · Hi. Could you be as kind, as to help me on create compound/ complex sentences for the following words: Efficacy- Epistle- Hospice- Impetus- Moribund- Vacillate- I know what these words mean, I’m just having a hard time coming up with sentences. Thank you for your help.

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Example sentences containing ‘moribund’ These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Definition of moribund from the Collins English Dictionary. The non-finite parts of the verb. Non-finite parts of a verb are those that do not indicate number, person or tense. The common non-finite forms are: the base


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