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What Is a Metric Ruler Used For? |

A: A metric ruler is used to measure the length, height and width of an object or the distance between two points, objects or places. Depending on the length of the metric ruler, it can be divided into millimeters, centimeters, decimeters or meters. Continue Reading.

The definition of a metric ruler –

a metric ruler is a measuring instrument where the units of measures are not inches, but centimeters. 10 millimetres = 1 centimetre 1 inch = 2.54 centimetre In the worl…d, only three countries haved not yet …

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What is a metric ruler

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Ruler | Define Ruler at

a person or thing that rules paper, wood, etc. Astrology. the planet primarily associated with any sign of the zodiac or any house of the horoscope: The ruler of Aries is Mars. The ruler of Taurus is Venus.

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What is Ruler? – Definition, Facts & Example – Splash Math

Ruler Definition: A ruler is a tool used to measure lengths and draw straight lines. Rulers are available in both metric and customary units. Most commonly used rulers in classrooms is a ruler with centimeters on one side and inches on the other.

Ruler – Wikipedia

Curved and flexible rulers. The equivalent of a ruler for drawing or reproducing a smooth curve, where it takes the form of a rigid template, is known as a French curve. A flexible device which can be bent to the desired shape is known as a flat spline, or (in its more modern incarnation) a flexible curve.

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ruler – Dictionary Definition :

Besides “person who rules or governs,” you can define ruler as a measuring device that’s marked with inches or centimeters. You can measure the diameter of a circle with a ruler, and you can also draw a perfectly straight line using its edge. Both meanings stem from the verb rule, “to exercise power” or “to control,” which came

What is a metric ruler? | Yahoo Answers

Aug 22, 2009 · a metric ruler measures length, width and height, and you can get them at and store that sells school supplies or like staples. if you ask they will help you …

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Meterstick | Definition of Meterstick by Merriam-Webster

Definition of meterstick. : a measuring stick one meter long that is marked off in centimeters and usually millimeters. See meterstick defined for kids.

What Is a Metric Scale? |

A metric scale is a form of measurement used in the metric system. The metric system is the world standard for measurement and is made of three basic units: the meter, gram and liter.

Metric – definition of metric by The Free Dictionary

(ˈmɛtrɪk) adj. 1. (Units) of or relating to the metre or metric system. 2. (Mathematics) maths denoting or relating to a set containing pairs of points for each of which a non-negative real number ρ(x, y) (the distance) can be defined, satisfying specific conditions.


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