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Ancient Maya Ruins Of Tulum: Sea Port And Sacred Site For

Many depictions in the Maya murals and other Mayan artwork discovered around the site, confirm that Tulum was an important center for the worship of the Diving or Descending God, a deity depicted in the Temple of the Frescoes and in the Temple of the Diving God located in the central area of Tulum.

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History and description. Tulum had access to both land and sea trade routes, making it an important trade hub, especially for obsidian. From numerous depictions in murals and other works around the site, Tulum appears to have been an important site for the worship of the Diving or Descending god.

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Tulum: Pre-Columbian Maya Sea Port And Sacred Site For

Tulum: Pre-Columbian Maya Sea Port And Sacred Site For Worshiping Of Diving God. Tulum – one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Maya – was known in the past as “City of Dawn” (‘Zama’) because it faces the sunrise, but the site’s name ‘Tulum’ is also the Mayan word for ‘fence, wall or trench’.

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The Descending God. The Descending or Diving God of the Maya is truly unique. This god is depicted upside down, hence its name, and found usually holding something in one or both of its hands. The god can be found at four archeological sites, but seen primarily at the trading port site of Tulum on the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

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The ancient Maya had over 150 Gods in their complex religion, each with clearly defined characteristics and purposes. Here’s the list of the top five Mayan Gods of all time: Itzamn, the big cheese overall and lord of the heavens as well as night and day, could be called upon in hard times or calamities.

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Tulum honored the “diving god” or “descending god” and “the god of the bee”, an important insect for the Maya even today. During the Caste War, Tulum was occupied by members of the Talking Cross cult; Tulum is the single most frequently visited Maya ruin in the Yucatán Peninsula, receiving thousands of visitors every day.

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At least 60 Mayan ruins can be found throughout the ancient city which is fortified by three walls, two watchtowers, and a 12 meter Caribbean Sea cliff-side. Among the structures we find Temples of the Wind (Templo Dios del Viento), Diving god (Templo del Dios Descendente), of the Frescoes, and Initial Series.

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Deities of the Ancient Maya – Workshop Guide Book. The latter form continued on into the Postclassic and is often shown diving. The name glyph is a conflation of God C with a foliated forehead that curls around the back of the head. Often shown emerging from crevices in the earth and being dressed by nude young women.

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Deities and beings. Texts. Name list of Maya gods and supernatural beings playing a role in the Classic (200–1000 CE), Post-Classic (1000–1539 CE) and Contact Period (1511–1697) Maya religion. The names are mainly taken from the Books of Chilam Balam, Lacandon ethnography, the Madrid Codex, the work of Diego de Landa, and the Popol Vuh.

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Mayan Gods and Goddesses. The ancient Maya had a complex pantheon of deities whom they worshipped and offered human sacrifices. Rulers were believed to be descendants of the gods and their blood was the ideal sacrifice, either through personal bloodletting or the sacrifice of …

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Temple of the Descending God. One of the stops we make while on the Book of Mormon cruise is at the ruins of Tulum, Mexico. These ruins offer some of the most spectacular views of any ruin site since these ruins sit on top of high cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea. It is here at Tulum that we visit The Temple of the Descending God.

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Dec 09, 2012 · The site is important as a major Mayan trading centre, and the home of the ‘Diving God’. The Temple of the Diving God in the central plaza, with a stucco figure of the Diving God above the door in the western wall.

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