louis pasteur and rabies

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Early Life and Education

Louis Pasteur’s Fight Against Anthrax and Rabies

Louis Pasteur, Anthrax, and Rabies August 31, 2015 By Will Sowards 2 Comments Louis Pasteur , the French chemist who lived in the 19th century, is famous for developing fundamental scientific concepts.

July 6, 1885: Rabies Vaccine Saves Boy — and Pasteur

Louis Pasteur in his laboratory. Painting by A. Edelfeldt* 1885: Louis Pasteur successfully tests his rabies vaccine on a human subject. Pasteur, a French chemist and biologist, began closely

Rabies, Pasteur And The Rabies Vaccine | Vaccination

Rabies, Pasteur And The Rabies Vaccine. Rabies Past Present in Scientific Review. By Millicent Morden (Physician & Surgeon) Rabies was an old superstition — a relic of the times when devils ran to and fro between animal and man carrying disease.

Louis Pasteur and the Development of the Attenuated Vaccine

Pasteur injected the boy with a daily series of progressively more virulent doses of the vaccine from the rabies-infected rabbits. The boy never developed symptoms and Pasteur became an international hero. Until Louis Pasteur developed the rabies vaccine, “vaccines” had referred

The Rabies Vaccine Backstory | The Scientist Magazine®

The Rabies Vaccine Backstory Louis Pasteur’s trepidation at injecting a child with the first rabies vaccine might have reflected his private knowledge of its lack of prior animal testing. Jun 1, 2016 Catherine Offord. SHROUDED IN SECRECY: Pasteur initially believed that a vaccine had to be live in order to confer immunity.

Louis Pasteur – Vaccine development | Britannica.com

Louis Pasteur – Vaccine development: In the early 1870s Pasteur had already acquired considerable renown and respect in France, and in 1873 he was elected as an associate member of the Académie de Médecine. Nonetheless, the medical establishment was reluctant to accept his germ theory of disease, primarily because it originated from a chemist.

Louis Pasteur, the Father of Immunology?

Apr 10, 2012 · Louis Pasteur, the Father of Immunology? Kendall A. Smith 1, * Thus, this dog-to-dog transfer presumably increased the virulence of the rabies virus. Pasteur immediately assumed that a shortening of the incubation interval happened as a result of a change in the microbe,

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Louis Pasteur – Wikipedia

Louis Pasteur was born on December 27, 1822, in Dole, Jura, France, to a Catholic family of a poor tanner. He was the third child of Jean-Joseph Pasteur and Jeanne-Etiennette Roqui. The family moved to Marnoz in 1826 and then to Arbois in 1827. Pasteur entered primary school in 1831.

Alma mater: École Normale Supérieure, University of Paris


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