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LLAPA–Lingerie and Panty Stories –

All Stories • Panty Stories • Slip Stories • Men in Panties • Men in Slips Search for stories with without (Choose a title to jump to that story) “Andrea” the Maid “Busted” “Top Ten” List— His Lingerie Experiences 1-5 “You Have No Idea”: Memoirs of a Panty Thief “Men Wearing Panties?

LLAPA–Lingerie and Panty Stories –

Lingerie Stories. Stories are presented unedited, in their entirety unless otherwise noted. Submit your lingerie and panty stories by email. If I like ’em they will be published here and in the News Groups. All Stories • Panty Stories • Slip Stories • Men in Panties • Men in Slips. Search for stories Sort by: Oldest • Newest •

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The Weekly Flickr. Flickr Blog. Get Pro. Save Cancel. the slip, must have some amazing stories of purloined beauties? he suggested we copy the acts in the pictures and I guess I was easily led but when he asked me to wear his mother’s slips and panties I jumped at the chance. A …

Why I Like My Men To Wear Lingerie | PairedLife

Why I Like My Men To Wear Lingerie. Updated on November 15, 2010. It’s imagining that, like the magic panties story, that I could have something less bulky, inconspicuous and rounded between my legs. I am semi-retired and working part time. I love it when we both slip into bed wearing mathcing nighties and pantyhose the feeling of all

10 Women Share Their Embarrassing But Hilarious Nip Slip

Read this: 10 Women Share Their Embarrassing But Hilarious Nip Slip Stories Read this: 13 Men Reveal Exactly How They Feel About The Prospect Of Marrying Their Long-term Girlfriends Read this: 10 Women Reveal Exactly How They Nudged Their Boyfriends Into Marriage Cataloged in […]


FIRST ENCOUNTERS. GRABBING THE RING! They were in various colors, white and pastels. One set of panties was the old style “days of the week” panties. The panties were in more colors than the slips with red, black, green and then the light colors. As I mentioned in my story of 1960, I am not a cross dresser, but am a great fan of women’s


Nov 21, 2018 · please also see my online shop for more lingerie items = THANKS Shop policies. Last Welcome to my little lingerie shop. I love vintage lingerie = slips, pettipants, bras and panties. I believe beautiful vintage lingerie is meant to …


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