johnny test vs bling bling boy

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Johnny vs. Bling-Bling Boy is the 3rd episode of the Johnny Test cartoon, and the 3rd episode of Season 1. It first aired in USA on September 24, 2005 on Kids’ WB, and on January 14, 2008 on Cartoon Network. The scene then moves to Johnny, holding his baby Triceratops, and Dukey. They have wires

Invention(s) Featured: The Alchemist 5000, Muscle Milkshake and Kung-Fu Powers

Johnny Test Episode 2 -Johnny vs Bling Bling Boy – Johnny

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Jul 19, 2012 · Watch Johnny Test Episode 2 -Johnny vs Bling Bling Boy – Johnny Impossible – FallenKeith on dailymotion

Released on: July 19, 2012

Johnny Test – Johnny vs. Bling Bling IV + Johnny’s Big

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Aug 19, 2012 · Johnny Test – Johnny vs. Bling Bling IV + Johnny’s Big Sister Smackdown Information – Johnny Test – Johnny vs. Bling Bling IV – Johnny once again has to protect Susan from Bling Bling Boy who is

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Johnny Test Vs. Bling Bling Boy –

No one can put a damper on the wild fun that Johnny and Dukey have like Bling Bling Boy. With his unrequited love for Johnny s sister Susan, and his super evil genius plots, Bling Bling is a constant thorn in Johnny s side.


“Johnny Test” Johnny vs. Bling-Bling Boy/Johnny Impossible

Sep 24, 2005 · Susan and Mary create the Alchemy 5000, a device that turns objects to gold. / Johnny’s awful at baseball and Sissy and Bumper make fun of him, so he goes to his sisters for help.


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Bling-Bling Boy’s Technicians are a group of scientists that work and invent creations for Eugene “Bling-Bling Boy” Hamilton.They were first introduced in Johnny vs. Bling-Bling Boy.. General Details . They usually help Bling Bling boy to move his evil plans forward or (much to their despite) to build an invention to trap, catch or steal Susan Test or make her fall in love with him. they often

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In Johnny vs. Bling-Bling 3, the only time Bling-Bling Boy stopped liking Susan was when he ate an anti-Susan love pill. Unfortunately, this backfires as he instead, falls in love with Mary. But it was mentioned by Susan that the pill will wear off about 30 days and Bling Bling will fall for Susan again.


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