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Helen Burns in Jane Eyre – Shmoop

Character Analysis. (Click the character infographic to download.) Helen is Jane’s pious best friend at Lowood Institute. Helen is extremely intelligent, calm, and caring, but her most important aspect is her devout religious faith. If Jane Eyre were an allegory, Helen would basically be a walking version of the New Testament instructions

SparkNotes: Jane Eyre: Helen Burns

Helen Burns. Like Jane, Helen is an orphan who longs for a home, but Helen believes that she will find this home in Heaven rather than Northern England. And while Helen is not oblivious to the injustices the girls suffer at Lowood, she believes that justice will be found in God’s ultimate judgment—God will reward the good and punish the evil.

The Significance of Jane Eyre’s Relationship With Helen

Soon after Jane Eyre joined Lowood, she meets Helen Burns, She was the only person who was consistently nice to Jane. Ever since the first night when Helen provided Jane with food, Jane realized that Helen was a kind-hearted and noble person and decided therefore that …

Jane Eyre – Wikipedia

Jane Eyre / ɛər / (originally published as Jane Eyre: An Autobiography) is a novel by English writer Charlotte Brontë, published under the pen name “Currer Bell”, on 16 October 1847, by Smith, Elder & Co. of London. The first American edition was published the following year by Harper & Brothers of New York.

Author: Charlotte Brontë

Helen Burns in Jane Eyre – 988 words | Study Guides and

What is the significance of Helen Burns in Jane Eyre? Though Helen Burns is a short- lived character, her appearance in the book is significant on a symbolic level. In the novel, Helen epitomizes religious devotion and Christian principles, with the idea of ‘love your enemies’ summarizing her beliefs.

Jane Eyre and Helen Burns Comparison | Free Essays

Jane Eyre and Helen Burns Comparison Jane Eyre and Helen Burns are best friends at Lowood, but they both see the world differently. Each one is treated individually and handles their punishments in …

Helen Burns in Jane Eyre: Character Analysis & Quotes

In this lesson, we will discuss Helen Burns from Charlotte Bronte’s ”Jane Eyre.” We will learn the important role that Helen plays in the story and in Jane’s life, even though Helen is only part

Helen Burns and Death in Brontë’s Jane Eyre – Victorian Web

One of the significant characters at the Lowood school is Helen Burns, a girl several years older than Jane Eyre. Her intellect, dedication to reading, and steady manner all impress Jane; however, her ability to remain graceful and calm even in the face of (what Jane believes to be) unwarranted punishment makes the greatest impression on the younger girl.

SparkNotes: Jane Eyre: Character List

Jane Eyre – The protagonist and narrator of the novel, Jane is an intelligent, honest, plain-featured young girl forced to contend with oppression, inequality, and hardship. Although she meets with a series of individuals who threaten her autonomy, Jane repeatedly succeeds at asserting herself and maintains her principles of justice, human dignity, and morality.

Jane Eyre (1943 film) – Wikipedia

Jane Eyre is an American film adaptation of Charlotte Brontë’s 1847 novel of the same name, released by 20th Century Fox. It was directed by Robert Stevenson and produced by Kenneth Macgowan and Orson Welles, both uncredited. The film stars Welles and Joan Fontaine. Elizabeth Taylor made an early, uncredited appearance as Helen Burns.

Music by: Bernard Herrmann

Jane Eyre and Helen Burns Comparison – 494 words | Study

Jane Eyre and Helen Burns Comparison. Jane Eyre and Helen Burns Comparison Jane Eyre and Helen Burns are best friends at Lowood, but they both see the world differently. Each one is treated individually and handles their punishments in their own way. They both cherish their faith, but it can’t exactly solve all their problems in life.

Jane Eyre – CliffsNotes

Jane discovers the kind Miss Temple and the unreasonable Miss Scatcherd, who unfairly punishes Helen Burns. While solitary and isolated through most of the day, Jane does converse with Helen, who tells Jane that Lowood is a charity institution for orphan children.


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