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Question 81 (The Impossible Quiz) | The Impossible Quiz

Question 81 of The Impossible Quiz shows a lightning pole on a green lawn in the middle of a dark, cloudy night; next to it, an electrical machine with a screen. There are no bombs and no clickable options, and the lightning pole is the only interactive object on display. This is a safe

Difficulty: Easy

The Impossible Quiz Answers Levels 81-90

The Impossible Quiz level 81-90 answers and walkthroughs will help you through these grueling stages. The Impossible Quiz is an absurd game created by Splapp-Me-Do and inXile Entertainment as the strangest test to ever appear on the Web.

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Answers 81-90 – The Impossible Quiz Answers

Answer: Don’t touch the sides, avoid the asteroids and collect the Skips.

The Impossible Quiz Answers Levels 81-90

The Impossible Quiz Answers 81: “Rub” the lightning rod until lightning strikes it – Be aware that this is a two-step answer! First you need to use your cursor to rub …

How do you do Question 81 on The Impossible Quiz?

81.)Run cursor up and down lightning rod 82.)Clip the toenails 83.)National Dyslexic Association 84.)Green Shooting Star 85.)I loved it! 86.)The.

Question 81 on the Impossible Quiz on

Feb 03, 2008 · rub the pole up and down then click the arrow in the box. 82. cut all of the toenails by clicking on them but do it fast, you only have 6 seconds. ***IT TOOK ME A WHILE TO DO IT TOO, BUT IT IS POSSIBLE***

Status: Resolved

Answers 71-80 – The Impossible Quiz Answers

Splapp-Me-Do and inXile Entertainment own all rights of The Impossible Quiz. This website is not affiliated with Splapp-Me-Do or inXile Entertainment in any way.

The Impossible Quiz Answers Levels 91-100

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How do you beat question 81 on the impossible quiz – Answers

Rub the rod with the mouse until lightning strikes it, then click the arrow that appears on the monitor.


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