how to smoke in room without smell

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How to Smoke in Your House without People Knowing (with


3 Ways to Smoke In Your Room Without Getting Caught – wikiHow


How to smoke without smell in my room | Marijuana Forums

Jun 20, 2011 · Almost everyday I smoke a few bowls in my room at about 10:00PM, sit by the window and blow the smoke out, and then when I’m done I spray some lemon bathroom spray and turn a fan on which is pointed towards my window. Even though my parents come in my room at about 6:00AM, there is no smell.

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How to smoke in your room without smell? | Yahoo Answers

Dec 10, 2012 · No matter what, a non-smoker will always smell the cigarette smoke. Even I as a smoker could smell when my son smoked in his room, regardless of the scented sticks and candles, the open window and what ever he tried. If you must, go outside. Or even better do not smoke at all.

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How to Smoke Cigarettes Inside Without Smell (Simple

Having one room sectioned off inside your home or apartment for the purpose of smoking will help keep every other room smelling fresh. It’s important that this room has a window that you can open so that the tobacco smoke has an exit point. Not opening a window will cause the smoke to seep out from under the door and into the rest of your home. Another option is to add a dedicated air purifier to this room, which filters the smoke …

How to Smoke Weed Without the Smell | The Stoner Mom

Stand on the toilet and blow smoke out the window. Step into the garage to exhale, or keep the bong in the laundry room with the window open. No one hangs out in the laundry room.An often forgotten reason to blaze up outside, is that it’s just nicer! Weed was made for nature lovers.

How to smoke cigarettes in my room without leaving a smell

, works at Nuclear Cowboyz. The only way to smoke in a room without making a smell is to have your head out of the window. Anyone who doesn’t smoke will smell the smoke straight away. No amount of air freshener will take the smell away.

Want to smoke in a room virtually undetected? : StonerProTips

You want to smoke in your room like a pro? This is how: Make a sploof. Without a this handy contraption, the smoke you are exhaling will still smell overwhelmingly of weed. Even alone the sploof does not cover the smell 100%, which is why you have to combine many tactics.


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