how to join 9 dots with 3 lines

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Nine dots three lines solution. – YouTube

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Nov 05, 2009 · Think Outside The BOX. Created for RLO project. By Group E – London Met. Check out also “Four Lines Solution” and “One Line Solution”.

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Most Wanted Solutions: 9 Dot puzzle –

Solutions for your logic and mechanical puzzles “Do you know this puzzle where you have to connect all 9 dots arranged in a square with only 4 straight lines?It’s a puzzle my boy-friend got from a friend. We have played with it and we think there is no solution.

The 9 Dots Puzzle –

Connect the 9 dots using four straight lines without lifting the pencil from the paper. The 9 Dots Puzzle! Hint: Get the big picture. Think outside of the box.

how to connect 9 dots with 4 straight lines – YouTube

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Nov 16, 2008 · how to connect 9 dots with 4 straight lines Sue Zhang. Loading Unsubscribe from Sue Zhang? 9:45. BRIGHT SIDE 1,076,538 views. 9:45. ONLY A GENIUS CAN SOLVE THIS IN 20s!

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How do you connect nine dots 3×3 square with one line?

Jan 31, 2019 · The goal is to connect the nine dots with only FOUR STRAIGHT lines without lifting the pencil from the paper. The lines you draw must be straight-edge straight. They may not bend or curve.

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Nine Dots – Mycoted

Nine Dots. Your task is to join all nine dots using only four (or less) straight lines, without lifting your pencil from the paper and without retracing the lines. Many people who try to solve this problem start with the assumption that the lines must be inside the square formed by the dots.

nine dots creative thinking puzzle 1 for quizzes and

Try this now by quickly drawing nine dots on a piece of paper and have a go with a pencil. Place your pencil somewhere, draw four straight lines without taking your pencil off the page. Each line must start where the last line finished. Have a go now and then scroll down the page to find out the solution.

How to connect 9 dots with 4 straight lines without

4 straight lines that don’t intersect (“ … without crossing the lines” ) would be 4 parallel straight lines. No information is given about the 9 points. So, the answer would be, draw 4 parallel straight lines and select 9 points at random on these lines such that every line has at least one point.

how can you connect 9 dots arranged in a 3×3 square with 1

Jul 20, 2006 · B) Take the piece of paper with the 9 dots and tear it into strips of 3 dots each. Arrange the 3 rows colinearly. Draw a straight line through all 9 dots. (your question does not say you cannot rearrange the 9 dots) C) Draw your 3×3 square of dots on very porous paper. Carefully fold the paper twice so that all three rows of dots overlap perfectly.

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How do you connect 9 dots using only 3 straight lines

Nov 13, 2006 · The dots should be in a 3 by 3 square pattern, 3 for each side and one in the middle, creating a total of NINE dots; or 3 rows of 3 one on top of the other, how ever you wanna look at it.

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How to connect the nine dots with four straight lines?

Nine dots are placed in three rows of each three dots, as shown in the picture. These nine dots must be connected by four straight, connected lines (i.e. without ‘lifting up the pen’ in between).


The Nine Dot Puzzle – A Magic Classroom

This would force the 3 lines thought the 3 rows of dots to be parallel and ruin this as a solution. The wording below is the one I use when I do the puzzle. The Nine Dot Puzzle. Draw with a pencil four continuous straight line segments which go through the middle of all 9 dots …

Can a Person Connect Nine Dots With One Line? – Reference

To connect nine dots in a square with one line, draw a zigzag line through the square. One must literally think outside the box with this puzzle, and draw lines that extend past the outer edge. Connecting nine dots, laid out in a three-by-three grid, with one line might seem like an impossible task.

Thinking outside the box – Wikipedia

The solution involves looking outside the two-dimensional sheet of paper on which the nine dots are drawn and coning the paper three-dimensionally aligning the dots along a spiral, thus a single line can be drawn connecting all nine dots – which would appear as three lines …

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