how to grow a healthy lawn

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How to Get and Maintain a Healthy Lawn (with Pictures


How to Achieve a Healthy Lawn | The Family Handyman

Adjust your cutting height to the time of year (and use a sharp blade) For cool-climate grasses, use …

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Apply Grass Seed to Bare Spots. In early spring or early fall, overseed a lawn with cool-season grass seed such as rye, fescue or Kentucky bluegrass, and overseed a warm-season lawn with Bermuda or Zoysia grass in early summer. For an even application of seed over the lawn, use a broadcast seed spreader. Water the seed to help it establish.

How to Grow a Healthy Lawn :: 5 Secrets to a Successful Lawn

Therefore, overseeding lawns makes sense only if the existing grass is healthy enough and abundant enough to be worth keeping. Often, this is an overlooked activity. Homeowners assume, incorrectly, that fertilizers are all that is needed. Even when well maintained, spot or general lawn reseeding is necessary to maintain long-term health and beauty.

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Mix your grass seed and topsoil together. Use the proportions on the grass seed bag for starting a new lawn to determine how much seed to put in the mixture. Spread the soil/seed mixture on your lawn and rake it in evenly into about a ½-inch-thick covering. Add a thin layer of peat moss to help with soil retention and press or tamp everything down.

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Benefits of a Healthy Lawn. You don’t have to be an expert to grow a healthy lawn; just keep in mind that the secret is to work with nature. Working with nature means creating conditions for grass to thrive and resist damage from weeds, disease, and insect pests. It also means setting realistic goals for your lawn…

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Healthy Lawn Step 3: Aerate Your Lawn. Aeration is a great first step to promote growth and get much needed oxygen down to the grass root. Test the ground for soil compaction by inserting a screwdriver 6 inches deep. If the screwdriver easily pushes through the soil, aeration is not necessary.

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Easy Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lawn in the Summer The grass may grow in bunches or have thick, ugly blades. Also, a hot summer can leave bare spots and thin areas around the lawn. With these simple strategies, you can have a healthy lawn that can survive bugs, weeds, heat and more. Learn More. phone. Call us or text questions. 1-888

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Growing a Beautiful Lawn Naturally: Bottom Line. You can grow a healthy, beautiful lawn without harmful chemicals! Choose a native grass for your area. Add a complimentary plant like white clover or even wildflowers! Water when needed consistently but not as often. Fertilize naturally and add compost to …

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Learn how to grow healthy grass and maintain your lawn with expert advice and insider tips.

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Another way to keep your lawn healthy and low-maintenance is to keep grass clippings on the lawn after you mow. Decomposing clippings add nitrogen, a major nutrient for grass, to the soil (see our article on Grasscycling to learn more).

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Ben Ratsachak, 1st Green Lawn, Bentonville, AR. By drawing on the advice of these pros, you can put their knowledge to action and enjoy the benefits of their expertise in your lawn. Pennington Seed is dedicated to producing the finest grasses available and helping you grow the lush, healthy lawn …

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Jan 16, 2019 · Spread your seeds. Set your seed spreader to the recommended rate and fill it with half of your seeds. To ensure the best coverage, make the first pass in one direction over the entire lawn. Then, fill the spreader up with the remaining seed and cross over the initial direction.



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