how to get through turnback cave

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How do I get through Turnback Cave? – Pokemon Diamond

Apr 22, 2007 · And if you dont get to Giratina before thirty doors you go back to the entrance. Hope this helps User Info: gigistorm. gigistorm – 8 years ago 2 0. Almost everyone is right, but to get to the beginning of turnback cave, you have to go through the …


Turnback Cave – Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon

Rooms and pillars. If Giratina is not present, there will be an item each time it is reached, with the item depending on the number of rooms the player navigated to reach it: a Reaper Cloth if they reach it in 3 rooms, a Rare Bone if they reach it in 4 to 15, and a Stardust if they reach it in 16 to 30.

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How do I get to the turnback cave? – Pokemon Diamond

Apr 22, 2007 · There is an easy way out of Turnback cave if you want to get out. If you are in a room in the Turnback cave, just walk through the door you came through and you will appear at the main room. From the main room you can exit the cave. Turnback Cave can be reached after beating the Elite Four & getting the National Dex only.


Turnback Cave – Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough

Get to End of Dungeon! You can enter Turnback Cave after you beat the game. The first room has a large pillar at the center. Read the guide written on the pillar to learn how to get to the final room. Actually, you need to pass the room that has the large pillar at …

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Turnback Cave. Then goes to the south exit, which is Route 214. Go down a bit, then go to the little opening the player character sees to the east. Run east and north on that path until the player character reaches Sendoff Spring. There are two places to use Rock Climb. Go to the one east of the two trees.

How do you get through Turnback cave in Pokemon Platinum?

Remember this when wandering through the cave: you only have thirty rooms to get there, if you don’t make it the thirty-first room will be back at the start of the cave; also, I’d advise you to

how do you get through turn back cave in pokemon diamond

Jul 29, 2007 · Enter – this is Turnback Cave. This structure retains some elements from the Lost Cave in FR/LG, giving you a choice of three doors, and you must solve a puzzle to find out which door to go through. One rule is that you never go back through the door you came into the room with – this is why you only get a choice of three doors.

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Pokéarth – Sinnoh – Turnback Cave –

Turnback Cave is located within the Sendoff Spring. This cave is a maze-like cave which requires you to navigate through the cave in less than 30 rooms. If you manage to get to the main room in less time, you will get a special item.

Where is Turnback Cave in Pokemon Pearl –

You can only acess Turnback Cave if you have the National Pokedex. So when you there’s a path called Spring Road just north of Veilstone City. Go onto Spring Road and just kee…p going until you reach a large pond with a cave next to it. Go into the cave, and there you are.

how do i get through turnback cave? & jolteon or luxray

May 25, 2008 · Turnback Cave is a problem. It is random, to the best of my knowledge. A little hint: when you go into a non-pillar room, just exit via the the doorway you entered.

Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough Part 50: Turnback Cave and

Jun 23, 2013 · Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough Part 50: Turnback Cave and the Griseous Orb Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough Part 51: A Conflicted Nostalgia Trip through Pokemon Let’s Go

How do I get through Turnback Cave? – Pokemon Diamond

I literally just caught Giratina in Turnback Cave and I just wen through a few rooms to get to it. But, I did notice a pattern, go into random rooms untill you see a pillar, press A infront of the pillar, if it says 1 with 1 underneath it then go West (Left), you should see another pillar that says 2 with 2 under it, head West (Left) again, you


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