how to clean retainers

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How To Clean Retainers? (Plastic, Invisalign, Clear)

How To Clean Your Retainer In 5 Easy Steps. You can also apply a paste made from baking soda and water and let it sit for the same amount of time. 3. Scrub: Use warm water and a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub your retainer. Be sure to reach all the smallest crevices because that’s where bacteria breed.

How to Clean Each Type of Retainer – Healthline

Cleaning your retainer is just as important as brushing your teeth. You need to clean your retainer in warm water and dish soap once a day to keep it healthy.

How To Clean Your Retainer Without Harsh Chemicals

What You Use to Clean Your Retainer Does Matter. Retainers are made of porous materials that can absorb whatever you use to soak them in or clean them with. As a result, the cleaning product becomes part of the retainer, and it inevitably ends up in your mouth.

The Best Way to Care For & Clean Orthodontic Retainers

Most of the retainer cleansers available on the market are based on cleansers originally developed for cleaning dentures. There are some big differences between orthodontic retainers and dentures, and traditional denture cleansers are not always the best way to clean your retainers, or your nightguards and mouthguards either.

How To Clean Retainers & Invisalign Aligners –

To clean your retainers or aligners, measure one spoonful of powder and place it into the sonic cleaner along with warm tap water. Place your retainer into the liquid and turn on the unit, which runs for 15 minutes. After the unit has finished running, take out your retainer and rinse it with warm water.

How Do I Clean My Retainer? |

The Technique. When you are done, rinse the retainer well to remove the soap film; you don’t want it to have a soapy taste when you place it back into your mouth. The clean retainer should either go right into your mouth, or into its case. Make sure to store the device in a safe place, away from heat and pets.


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