how to change smoke alarm battery on high ceiling

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Replacing the Battery on a Hard-To-Reach Smoke Detector

smoke alarms do not die of battery failure. The plaintive cry (or “beeping” as you callously put it) of the alarm is it’s cry of boredom, of loneliness. Yes, they cry because they cannot bear to hang on the wall unnoticed and unused a day longer. The kind thing to do is to regularly give the alarms a chance to exercise. To alarm.

How to Reach a Smoke Detector on a Vaulted Ceiling | eHow

How to Reach a Smoke Detector on a Vaulted Ceiling. Since smoke and toxic gasses rise during a fire, they must be placed at the highest point of your vaulted ceiling. Change the battery every six months when Daylight Savings changes, then clean and test your alarm at least monthly. Use a roller extension pole or rent or buy an “A-frame”

How would you change the battery on a 20′ ceiling

Note – I also have very high cathedral ceilings but my smoke detectors are mounted near the top on a wall. This allows one to reach it with a very tall extension ladder. After trying to make do with a 16′ ladder I finally went out and bought a 24′ (or so) ladder since it was safer to …

Who can replace smoke alarm battery (20ft high) for a

4 Answers. This technique works if you have a battery door on the front (vs back of the smoke detector). Get a long pole to reach the detector. Use duct tape attached to end of pole with sticky side out (make a sticky ball from it). Use that sticky ball to attach to the battery door and pull the battery …

How do I replace my smoke detector battery that is 16 feet

Mar 07, 2009 · Answers. You do not want to move a smoke detector off of the ceiling or high on the wall. This is where smoke migrates during a fire. If this detector is interconnected with others you may want to see about an alternative such as remote battery power for all smoke detectors in the house. I would consult a fire protection company.

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I have a hard wired smoke detector in a very high ceiling

I have a hard wired smoke detector in a very high ceiling (12 feet or higher) I thought it was disabled, but when the alarm went off today, I realized it wasn’t. I wanted to replace it with a battery operated one at a height I can reach So this is where I have animals and I can’t move them.

My ceilings are too high | Home Security System

Feb 13, 2016 · Smoke rises with the heat, so. On February 12th, 2016 hondaman88 says: Smoke rises with the heat, so ideally you want to put the smoke detector at or near the high point. Regardless of where the smoke comes from, it will likely collect at that central high point, making that the ideal place.

Never change a smoke detector battery again (and still

If you’ve ever forgotten to change a smoke detector battery, this tip will be life-changing, and possibly lifesaving. A working smoke detector cuts your risk of dying in a house fire in half. Most homeowners know you should change a smoke detector battery twice a year when you change the clocks for Daylight Saving Time.

Help! My Smoke Detector Battery Needs Changed! – YouTube

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Aug 27, 2008 · Kim from contemplates how in the world she is going to change the battery in her constantly-beeping smoke detector that is over 16′ high.

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Asked: Will fire department change batteries in my smoke

Asked: Will fire department change batteries in my smoke detector? Question: We have a smoke detector in our entry way, and it’s located all the way up at the ceiling, which is two stories high.

How to Change the Batteries in Your Smoke Detector: 15 Steps

Mar 18, 2011 · How to Change the Batteries in Your Smoke Detector. House fires are a serious danger. Many detectors will make use of a 9v battery. However, some may require different types of batteries. Use high quality, long lasting batteries. You will have to take your smoke detector down from its mounting on the ceiling. If your detector is hard


How to Change a Smoke Detector Battery – HomeTips

Most conventional smoke detectors have a friction-fitting cover that hinges down or lifts off. With some, the entire body of the smoke detector clips onto a base that is attached to the ceiling or wall. To remove these, you typically give the body a counterclockwise twist. Step by step, here’s how to change a smoke detector battery:


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