how to build a concrete ramp

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How to Make a Concrete Ramp – DIY – MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Use a shovel to settle the concrete as you place it, and rap the form sides to help create a smooth finish on the sides of the ramp. 4. Round over the edges of the ramp using an edger. Texture the ramp surface for slip resistance by brooming it or using a wood float for the final finishing.


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Apr 03, 2013 · on building a small concrete ramp onto an old house foundation. on building a small concrete ramp onto an old house foundation. Skip navigation Sign in. Search.

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How to Make Concrete Ramps | Hunker

Keep the bottom of your ramp at least 4 inches thick. Remove any sod from beneath the pour and add a layer of sand but do not allow the sand to reach the edge of the forms. It should be at least 2 inches from all edges in order to allow the new concrete to settle.

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Contour and float out the ramp face and sides using the concrete trowel. Drag a broom across the face of the concrete to roughen of the surface slightly for traction. This is called a ‘broom finish’. Keep the concrete damp and allow to cure according to the instructions on …

How to Make a Concrete Ramp Over Existing Stairs

Depending on high you are going, there will be tremendous pressure on the plywood, so if you need to, double up on the ties. Finally, drill holes into the existing steps. To bond the stairs and ramp together, place rebar in these holes so they stick into what will be the concrete of the ramp.

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Cut the forms out to make the sides, back and slope of the ramp. Join the walls of the form together using wood screws. Oil the inside of the form with cooking oil. The oil will help the concrete form to pull away from the concrete when the concrete dries. Place the concrete form over the base. Place 3/8-inch rebar throughout the concrete form and tie it in place. The rebar will help prevent the ramp from …

How to Make a Concrete Wheel Chair Ramp | Garden Guides

How to Make a Concrete Wheel Chair Ramp. Hold 2×6 wood to the outside of each wall and nail it in place using concrete nails. This will become the outer form of your slab pour. If your plan called for “steps” to be created, you do not have to do this, those “steps” becomes the outer edges of the ramp.

Concrete Ramps for your Building or Warehouse

Depending on the location and intended use, a ramp may be built out of different materials. For instance, concrete ramps are typically used in loading docks to allow vehicles and carts to move easily. Ramps in locations where spills are a potential hazard are likely to be made of …

How to Build a Handicap Ramp and Landing | how-tos | DIY

To make the ramp more stable, use wood cross braces between each of the three ramp supports. Secure these to the concrete. Drill two pilot holes into each brace using a masonry bit (Image 1) and fasten using concrete anchors or screws (Image 2).

How to Build a Wooden Ramp | how-tos | DIY

Put the assembly in place around the 4×4 posts and flush with the building. Level the 5′ 2×8 ledger board with the bottom of the building (Image 1), and temporarily secure side joists to 4×4 posts with a deck screw (Image 2). Pro Tip. If you want to attach the ramp to the building, create a nailer below the bottom of the building.

How to Pour a Concrete Ramp, Concrete Pad, Concrete

Mar 28, 2012 · This video describes step by step and demonstrates how to build forms, mix and pour a concrete ramp for a storage building. These basic techiques can also be used for making a concrete …


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For a stepped ramp walkway on a long slope, the riser height should be limited to 6″ (150mm) and the slope between 1/8″ (3mm) Required Tools and Materials Project Concrete Steps and Ramps. 4.Coat the inside surfaces of the forms with oil or release agent to make removal easier. 5. For variations on building forms, see the illustrations.

How to Build a Concrete Wheelchair Ramp | Hunker

Step 1. Cut the 2-by-4 or 2-by-6 wood and planks to create the form work that will hold the concrete in place. Dig deeper into the ground when placing the wood at the bottom of the ramp. The concrete needs something to stop it. You will also have something to screed the concrete with.


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