how much is my gold chain worth

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How to Calculate the Value of a 14-Karat Gold Necklace

14 karats gold purity implies that if the total weight of the gold alloy is assumed to be 24 parts, 14 parts of it is pure gold and 10 parts is other metals. From the above, it follows that the pure gold in your 14K gold necklace is 58.3% (14 divided by 24).

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How much is 14k gold worth at today’s price? Please enter the weight and number of karats of your gold into the Precious Metal Calculator and select the currency you want it valued in. . You can find out more about how to test your gold here.. 8k, 9k, 10k, 14k, 18k, 21k, 22k, 23k and 24k are all used in different parts of the world.

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Your scrap gold chain has $951.05 worth of pure gold. Obviously there is cost associated with refining your gold and operating a business so you will not get the full value of your gold. But if you take your gold to a reputable buyer that strictly specializes in buying gold you should expect to get 80% to 85%.

Rule of Thumb in Calculating the Cost of Gold Jewelry

The other 42% is a conglomeration of other metals. (Called alloy metals). So: 58% of 20g = 11.6g. In other words, out of that 20 gram chain, only 11.6 grams of it are pure gold. And with gold at $1300/oz.—or $41.80/gram—the gold in the chain would be worth $484.88 ($41.80 x 11.6 = $484.88).

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OK, great. Just tell me what the darn chain is worth. The gold content of this chain is worth about $430. Here’s the math. The fractional purity of 14-karat gold is 14/24 = 0.5833. For a 14.38-gram chain, this means 14.38 times 0.5833 = 8.4 grams of gold. (The length of the chain doesn’t factor in.) One troy ounce of gold is worth about $1,600 now.

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The 14 karat gold melt value calculator will figure the price of gold items with a gold purity measured as 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of another metal used to make the 14K gold alloy.

How to Price a Gold Chain by the Gram: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

Jan 24, 2018 · To determine how much the gold chain is being sold per gram, divide $1,000 by 29.0 grams. The answer is: $34.48 per gram of gold. Using your information from Step 3, you know that the raw price of 14k gold was $22.50. This means that the gold chain is being sold at $11.98 above the price of gold.


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Feb 03, 2009 · Update: Ive got a thin 18 karat gold chain, and Im thinking about selling it. Fully (detached from clip) its about 25/26 inches long and wiughs about 8 grams-ish. Fully (detached from clip) its about 25/26 inches long and wiughs about 8 grams-ish.

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How much is my gold and silver jewelry worth?

Find out how much your gold and silver jewellery is really worth with our handy calculator. You can’t switch on the TV or open a newspaper these days without seeing advertisements for companies that wish to buy your scrap gold and old jewelry.

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My gold chain is 40 cm long and about 2 cm width. It is 9ct and I’m looking to sell it but would like to know how much it is worth. I don’t have any scales so I don’t know the weight at all.

Is Gold Filled or Gold Plated Jewelry Worth Anything

Thanks for your inquiry. Oftentimes, there is so little gold used in gold plating that the plating is not worth much, even if the item has been plated using higher karat gold. However, since the gold plate is over sterling silver, it’s possible that the silver may have some value.

How Much do Pawn Shops Pay for a Gold Bracelet | PawnGuru

Once you have that number, you can move on to calculating how much your gold bracelet is worth. How to Calculate the Value of a Gold Bracelet Based on Karat, Weight & Market Value To figure out how much pawn shops pay for a gold bracelet, you can use karat, weight and market value to mimic what a pawnbroker would do to price it out.

10K Gold Price per Gram + the Value of 10K Gold Rings, Chains…

If you have 10K gold pieces of jewelry in your drawer and you want to know how much they’re worth, you’re in luck! We have what you need to know about 10K gold, including its value (historical, average, and current), how the value is determined, and example prices of 10K gold.

How Much is My Jewelry Worth? – Arden Jewelers

Hi, I wonder how much my diamond engagement ring is worth if I sell it to retailers. We bought this in 1988. On the center is a round, brilliant-cut diamond weighing 0.55 carat set in a 24K gold band.


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