how much does a ziplock bag weigh

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Jan 03, 2006 · Most regular sandwich baggies are 1.1 or 1.3 The only ziplock bag I have ever weighed came out to 2.5 g so just weigh an empty baggie of the same kind you are getting your bud in before hand so you dont have to worry about it when it comes to weigh it up in front of the dealer.

How much does a zip lock bag weigh –

Standard zip lock bags use plastic that is about 2 mil thick. There is a huge market for zip lock bags that are 4 mil thick or heavy duty (as in a freezer bag.) So those bags weigh twice as much.

How much does one plastic bag weigh –

A standard size Ziplock sandwich bag weighs 2 grams (= 1/12oz), a standard size freezer bag weighs 5 grams (= 0.1 oz) and a gallon size freezer bag weighs 10 grams (= 0.3 oz). 24 people found this useful.

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Without scales knowing the weight of a bag will mean nothing, unless he’s weighing in ASDA and can’t get away with taking it out of the bag. And if he did, then it would render the thread pointless as well.

How much should an ounce of weed and a Ziploc bag weigh

An ounce is 28.6 grams, a thin Ziploc bag might weigh 5 grams, in theory total weight 34 grams or 1.18 grams. You should weigh a Ziploc bag for yourself. They come in different thicknesses.

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Dec 31, 2008 · How much does the Ziplock dimebag weigh? Discussion in ‘Strains and Definitions’ started by bourbon69, Dec 30, 2008.

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People that I deal with always take into account the weight of bag. For example, grabbing a half gram of some type of powder, usually weighs to 0.7g on the scale. The baggie weighing 0.2g. If its a slightly bigger baggie its 0.8g with the bag being 0.3g. Never pay for the bag weight.

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