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Hardwood flooring sizes. Standard hardwood floor dimensions

There some standards in which most of the wood flooring come to consumers by the type of hardwood floor. Solid hardwood flooring dimensions. Unfinished and prefinished solid hardwood flooring are typically 3/4 of an inch thick and come in numerous of width from 1 1/2 to 8 inches.

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The typical board width used in strip flooring is less than 3 inches. Older homes frequently have original wood-strip floors because that was the only available flooring option.

Flooring 101: Choosing the Right Width for your Wood Floor

Flooring 101: Choosing the Right Width for your Wood Floor. No matter what the characteristics the floor has, most of these options have been only 2 ¼” (or maybe 3”) wide. In truth, you only really want to use a narrow width like this if you are building a parquet floor.

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Choosing the Plank Width for your Hardwood Floor. Classic narrow strip floors of 2 1/4″ and 3 1/4″ are as popular today as they were when your grandparents built their home. However, with the open floor plans and larger home that we enjoy today, many people are looking for grand scale planks that balance out the larger expanses of space.” Often,

Renovations – Choosing the right width for your floor

BUDGET : If you choose boards as wide as 7 inches, make sure to choose from our engineered flooring selection. A traditional hardwood floor is most at risk in humid conditions, that’s why Preverco only offers this width as part of its engineered floor lineup to ensure maximum stability.

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When hardwood flooring is more than 3 inches in width, it is considered plank hardwood flooring. Plank hardwood flooring gives a clean look, as well as comfort, coziness and modern/country style. Plank hardwood flooring usually comes from exotic trees, and is a preferred choice among homeowners.

How to Choose the Right Hardwood Plank Width for Your

Flooring fashion trends have shifted to favor the look and style that wider planks give. Typically, the 5-8-inch range is favored, but many have opted to lay 10-inch planks in their homes. This size obviously requires quite a bit of room however. Many manufacturers’ “standard width” hovers around 7 inches.


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