google earth opengl or directx

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what´s the difference between open Google Earth with

Nov 29, 2011 · If you have a graphics card installed in your computer that is capable of handling the memory requirements of the GE program, you open with “openGL”. If you computers graphic card has to use you systems memory (RAM) then you would open using DirectX. This is microsofts way of letting you enjoy the 3D effects of many programs.

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Google Earth OpenGL Vs. DirectX | It Still Works

Google Earth OpenGL Vs. DirectX. DirectX and OpenGL are two graphics application programming interfaces, or APIs, that help Google Earth generate high-quality 2D and 3D images. Google Earth relies upon these two APIs to provide a layer of abstraction between the application and the many possible combinations of operating systems,

How do Google Earth’s OpenGL and DirectX modes differ

Today, DirectX has surpassed OpenGL on Windows, but Google Earth uses very old DirectX API, so it doesn’t really matter.

What is the difference between DirectX and OpenGL Google

You can switch Google Earth display mode between OpenGL and DirectX (see related link).

DirectX vs OpenGL for Google Earth Pro : NoStupidQuestions

Which one do I use when starting up Google Earth Pro, DirectX or OpenGL? I have a fairly beefy gaming computer that I built late last year, so should I use OpenGL to run it off my GPU’s RAM? I’m confused on which context I should start Google Earth Pro in.

How to speed up Google Earth – Google Earth Blog

How to speed up Google Earth. DirectX vs. OpenGL (Windows only) On Windows computers, you have a choice to run Google Earth in “DirectX” or “OpenGL” mode. You can change the setting from inside of the [Tools] –> [Options] menu, or start them separately from your main Start menu. There may not be much of a difference,

Fix: Google Earth Freezes when Loading KML Files –

Close Google Earth.

Google Earth – Microsoft Community

Jun 30, 2017 · Windows users can run Google Earth (Free and Pro) in either DirectX or OpenGL mode. If you’re experiencing strange graphics issues, you should try running Google Earth in each mode to see if one works better for your system. To switch to DirectX, please follow these steps: Click Start > …

Q&A: Determine if Google Earth will Run in DirectX or

Software Systems Management Supporting Windows Hardware Windows 7 Google Earth Microsoft DirectX OpenGL I have found a system that is unable to Render the satellite images when in DirectX mode, but does work fine in OpenGL mode.

Use of DirectX in Google Earth plugin – Google Groups

In Google Earth, they now have the option of using the DirectX or OpenGL. When Google Earth is installed, the “Start/Programs/Google Earth” menu shows the”Start Google Earth in DirectX mode (and another for OpenGL).


Help Using Google Earth Files – FNAI

Hover your mouse over your version of Google Earth (Free or Pro) and select Start Google Earth in OpenGL mode . You will need to close Google Earth in order to switch between DirectX and OpenGL …

how to force OpenGL mode in plugin – Google Groups

May 14, 2009 · automatically uses OpenGL mode when ever DirectX initialization fails. See the Google Earth Plug-in, version 4.3.9597.9390 (Windows) release notes: how to force OpenGL mode in plugin: Earth API Guru: 5/13/09 5:06 AM: Hey Carlos, Can I ask …

Google Earth 7 support with NVIDIA 3D Vision – GeForce Forums

Jul 11, 2014 · Google Earth 7.x (with TriDef) – Earth crashes when attempting to be started via TriDef; Google Earth in OpenGL mode or ‘safe’ mode, any version; One notable difference between Google Earth 6 and 7 that I saw is that the “Renderer” in the About window changes from ‘DirectX 9’ to simply ‘DirectX’.


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