getting stains out of hardwood floors

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How to Get Stains Out of Hardwood Floors | Home Guides

Getting Stains Early. Although hardwood floor finishes are impervious to most liquids, some bleed-through is likely if a liquid stands for a period of time. Consequently, the key to easy stain removal is to get to the offending fluid off the floor as fast as possible. Even with prompt action, however, some fluids, such as wine and dye,

How to Get Pet Stains Out of Hardwood Floors | Hunker

Remove the plastic wrap and cloth from your hardwood floor. Wipe the floor with a clean cloth dampened with a solution made of equal parts water and white vinegar. Dry the floor with a clean towel. Always sand with the grain of the wood. Sand your hardwood floor if any discoloration was caused by the old pet stain.

How to Remove a Dark Stain from Hardwood Flooring

Steps to Remove the Stain: Do not get oxalic acid on the surrounding wood. It will seep in to the wood. Repeat as necessary. When the spot is gone, neutralize the acid with something alkaline, such as a mix of baking soda and water or ammonia and water. Wait for the spot to dry, then sand, stain and refinish to match the rest of the floor.

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There are also stains on the hardwood floor. I tried removing the smell from the rug, but he keeps going back to it. I’m thinking of throwing the rug out, but the floor doesn’t look good with the stains on it and I can’t get the stains out. Please help and give me your ideas. Thanks.

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Feb 05, 2017 · This is a video about how I figured out how to get old cat urine stains out of my wood floors for relatively cheap (less than $40) and in one day. PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE STARTING.

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