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How to Convert a Gas Fireplace to Wood Burning | Angie’s List

Consider converting that gas fireplace to wood. There’s nothing quite like curling up next to a fire on a cold winter night. But sometimes, you miss the smells and sounds of real burning wood when the flickering flames come from a gas log.

What Is Required to Convert a Wood Fireplace to Gas? | Hunker

Vented Gas Logs. Gas logs are ceramic appliances that mimic a real wood fire. They are used primarily to create atmosphere but are not as efficient as gas fireplace inserts. In these conversions, existing dampers in masonry fireplaces are clamped open for safety so …

Cost to Convert a Wood Fireplace to Gas | Angie’s List

Cost to Convert a Wood Fireplace to Gas. Instead of gas logs, a vented gas fireplace can also produce flames that lick up through glass beads. You have three options if you want to convert a wood-burning fireplace to gas. A gas fireplace with marble surround gives any room a touch of elegance.

Gas to Wood Fireplace Conversion: Mistakes to Avoid

Gas to Wood Fireplace Conversion: Mistakes to Avoid. These sensations are very therapeutic to some, and while this ambiance can be simulated, it usually still pales in comparison. A wood fireplace can also be more environmentally-friendly if it isn’t used excessively. Gas …

How to Convert a Gas Fireplace to a Wood Burning Unit

How to Convert a Gas Fireplace to a Wood Burning Unit. The bottom line in a conversion from gas to wood is making sure you have a vent system that can handle the smoke from a wood fireplace. If the current system won’t work, you’ll have to have a new one built. Other elements of conversion such as removing/replacing an insert, capping off gas lines,

Convert Wood Fireplace to Gas – Houselogic

A direct-vent gas fireplace is a more efficient heat source than its wood-burning brother. Making the switch from wood to gas also helps protect your in-home air quality. Installation. Pro install required to properly vent fumes outside through the roof or wall. Also need a pro plumber to hook up the gas line.

How a Gas Fireplace is Converted to a Wood Burning Unit

A gas fireplace can provide unparalleled convenience and the pleasure of a warm fire on a cold day, but many people believe nothing compares to the ambiance created by burning wood. The good news for homeowners who have a gas-fueled fireplace but who would prefer a wood-burning fireplace is that converting from gas to wood fuel may be an option.

Can I convert a gas log fireplace to wood burning? – Home

up vote 6 down vote accepted. There is no way to convert a gas fireplace to burn wood, unless you are very lucky and the gas fireplace is an insert in a properly functioning solid fuel fireplace (in which case you basically just remove the insert, and have the fireplace inspected). In situations like this, you have a …

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Can You Burn Real Wood in a Gas Fireplace? | Hunker

A gas fireplace is not designed to burn wood; burning wood in it could be a fire hazard, or, at the very least, fill your home with smoke. Some gas fireplaces have all the necessary safety features to burn wood if you wish to convert the fireplace entirely to a wood-burning version.

How to Convert Your Wood-Burning Fireplace

Wood pellet fireplace insert. Cleaner burning than wood, wood-pellet stoves can provide a lot of heat and are relatively inexpensive to operate. The initial price including installation is comparable to that of a gas fireplace insert, from $2,000 to $4,000. They do require electricity to run the hopper, which feeds wood pellets into the fire.

How to Change a Gas Log Fireplace to Wood | eHow

You need a masonry fireplace for wood fires. Manufacturers make gas logs to look nice with a little flame and almost no heat for the modern homeowner who does not want to mess with wood and ashes. If your fireplace was never a wood burning masonry fireplace, but rather a prefabricated housing for the gas logs, then you cannot change over to wood.

How Much Does it Cost to Convert a Wood Fireplace to Gas

Converting a wood fireplace to a gas fireplace is usually done for environmental concerns. Because it is in its natural form and requires little processing, natural gas is considered to be the most environment-friendly fossil fuel around.


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