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How can i get a gold chocobo? – Final Fantasy VII Answers

Sep 07, 1997 · Gold Saucer and Mideel. Once you have a Good and Great Chocobo, you need a combined total of 4 Wins in the Chocobo Racing. Then breed the two Chocobos and you’ll either get a Blue or Green chocobo. Fight 3-18 battles, then breed them again and hopefully you’ll get …


How to get a GOLD CHOCOBO? – Guide for Final Fantasy 7

To get the Chocobo to A or S rank is by racing them at the Gold Saucer. Now you will need three Carob Nuts. To get it, you can get it at the Gold Saucer for 500 GP each or go to the North Continent, near Bone Site(you know what I mean), there’s a glass area walk around until you will meet a Vlakorados(it look like red dinosaur) steal it, if it

All About Chocobos – Final Fantasy VII Guides – Caves of

Below are the eleven steps to obtain the Gold Chocobo you’re looking for. Catch a male and a female Good chocobo in the Gold Saucer Area. Catch one male and one female Great chocobo in Mideel Area. Feed and train your four chocobos. Make them reach class B at least, class A if possible.

Mike’s Chocobo Breeding Guide

The Ancient Forest is located east of Cosmo Canyon, and you can only get there with a green, black or gold Chocobo (You can also get there after you kill Ultima Weapon, at the end of disc 2). Lucrecia’s Waterfall – You can get there by a blue, black or gold Chocobo, or using the submarine.

Gold Chocobo Guide (No Racing!) – Steam Community

Breeding, RNG, and You. 16) Once again, get into the farm as fast as you can. 17) Feed 5 Krakka Greens to ANY chocobo. 18) Mate the Blue Female with the Green Male. Choose the Blue one first. Use a Saraha Nut. Following this guide, you should end up …

Gold Chocobo? – Final Fantasy VII Answers for PlayStation

Sep 07, 1997 · User Info: Ajescent. Ajescent – 8 years ago 0 0. Actually If you beat the Ultima Weapon when he is above Junon, another weapon will be unlocked to fight over by the Gold Saucer, then fight the Ruby Weapon, take the Rose you get from him and take the rose to the traveler man in Kalm, he give you a Gold Chocobo.


Final Fantasy VII | 7 | FFVII | FF7 – Chocobo Breeding – FFWA

The Gold Chocobo. Once you have your black chocobo, head off to the chocobo tracks in the Icicle area to catch a ‘wonderful’ chocobo. These are the chocobos that appear with either one or two Jumpings. Catch one, send it back to the stables, and make sure it’s the opposite sex of your black chocobo.

Chocobo Breeding – Final Fantasy VII Wiki Guide – IGN

Chocobo Husbandry . If you intend to breed a special Chocobo, you’ll want to train your Chocobos at the Chocobo Races.

Chocobo (Final Fantasy VII) | Final Fantasy Wiki | FANDOM

Gold Chocobos (also called sea Chocobos) are unmatched in the races, naturally coming with impressive stats. A gold Chocobo can be born when a black Chocobo is bred with a wonderful yellow Chocobo, which can be captured near Icicle Inn (accompanied only by one or two Jumpings), with a Zeio Nut.To get a gold Chocobo the wonderful and black pair needs twelve race wins between them for a 100% …

Final Fantasy XIV: How to Get Gold Chocobo Feathers

Jul 12, 2017 · Gold Chocobo Feathers are special items in Final Fantasy XIV that can be used for trading with the Calamity Salvagers in any of the three starting cities. However, these Feathers can’t be

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