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What Exhibit Is To Display As Send Is To – Answers.com

Exhibition design can also refer to the creative process involved in planning how to display, that is to say exhibit, works of art or historical artifacts or objects in a gallery, museum or public

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Exibit is to display as send is to – Answers.com

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Exhibit : display :: send : ? | Analogy Questions

Here the given words represent synonyms. Exhibit and Display are synonyms for each other. Similarly, Send and Emit are synonyms for each other.

exhibit : display :: send : show emit receive stamp

The word “exhibit” is synonymous to the word “display”. Whereas, the word “send” is synonymous to the word “emit”. The word “emit” comes from the Latin words “ex-” meaning out of, and “mittere” meaning send. And then it became the Latin word “emittere”. Therefore, the most appropriate answer that is synonymous to “send” is the word “emit”.


exhibit : display :: send :_______? a. show b. emit c

B. Emit The first thing to do for questions like these is determine the relationship the first two words have with each other. Because “exhibit” and “display” both mean “to show,” they are synonyms.

When exhibit is to display then send is to? | Wikianswers

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‘Display’ and ‘exhibit’ | Ask The Editor | Learner’s

‘Display’ and ‘exhibit’ Answer The nouns exhibit and display are used in slightly different contexts. Claudia asks an excellent question: Which of these two can be used is the sentence: “The director gave a detailed (display/exhibit) on the future plans for the art gallery.”

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Skill Builders: Word Analogy Questions, Week 1 – TeacherVision

Skill Builders: Word Analogy Questions, Week 1 Skill Builders: Word Analogy Questions, Week 1. Week 1: Word analogies to sharpen students’ thinking skills and prepare them for standardized tests. Grades: 5 EXHIBIT and DISPLAY, is that of synonyms words that have similar meanings. Therefore, the second pair of words must also be synonyms.

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Feb 04, 2019 · send sms without show number Send sms Simple Method.. SUBSCRIBE CHANNEL LIKE VIDEO SHARE VIDEO knowledge 4u Knowledge4u #knowledge4u #without_Show_Number #Send_sms. Category

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