dry out cocaine

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Drying Moist / Wet / Sticky / Oily Cocaine – Drugs-Forum

Sep 09, 2007 · Drugs-Forum. Home Forums > DRUG INFORMATION & HARM REDUCTION > Cocaine & Crack > TEK – Drying Moist / Wet / Sticky / Oily Cocaine : Methods Used and Problems Encountered You’ll want just enough heat to dry the air out; you’re not baking a fuckin’ cake. Go back and read the post again, carefully this time.

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Moist Coke – How to dry it out??? [Archive] – Bluelight

I have found a really good way to dry out drugs, especially crystal and coke. Get some of the little silica gel packets that come with some vitamns and tape them to the top of a small container. Then put in said drug and close the container. It usually dries out the drug very well, and quickly. To smoke crack, how much cocaine is needed?

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Oct 20, 2011 · Dry Moist Cocaine. Discussion in ‘Other Drugs’ started by bam222, Oct 4, 2010. bam222 Member. How do you dry out moist/soggy cocaine? bam222, Oct 4, 2010 #1. Superpimp Member. heat lamp, or just say fuck it and cook up a rock . Superpimp, Oct 4, …

How To Dry Out Cocaine – Detox Near Me

Apr 12, 2018 · Does Cocaine Cause Heart Problems Contents The brain releases dopamine Long been the drug most blurred. for most You are smoking cocaine Bleach can cause toxic fentanyl-related compounds further increases risk Treatment for Cocaine Overdose. Many different types of treatment exist in a hospital setting if an individual has overdosed on cocaine.

How can you dry wet cocaine – Answers.com

put a plate ine the microwave for about a min, then take the plate out let it cool just a bit u want it to be warm but not to hot, then put the coke on the plate it will dry the cocaine, and will

How can you tell if you have good/bad quality blow? : Drugs

I don’t know what “good” quality cocaine is supposed to look/feel like. I recently did some that jump to content. How can you tell if you have good/bad quality blow? I recently did some that was very hard and dry and not easily broken up and I didn’t feel too much and got a headache. Before that, I’ve had coke that came as a chunk


HOW TO DO COCAINE IN HUMID CLIMATES. Posted by . Gavin The only way to avoid this is to dry out the coke by either 1- Giving it a quick zap in the microwave or 2- putting it on a heated plate. Whenever gavin would joke about cocaine use I always thought it was cool, funny like a jaded rockstar or robin williams.

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Oct 01, 2009 · Best Answer: Cocaine, in the form our politicians buy and snort off of hookers’ asses, is the salt of the free base (crack) and hydrochloric acid. This salt then absorbs water, either out of the air or from other sources, and can clump together much like slightly moist salt or sugar.

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How Is Cocaine Made? | Sunrise House

How Is Cocaine Made? Home; After removing the liquid from the base using a filter, workers dry out the substance that remains, which results in a purer base for the final product. Reach out to us day or night – Our caring Treatment Consultants are waiting for your call right now. Call Now


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