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Dog Safety Tips: How to Keep Your Dog Safe

Cold weather can be just as dangerous as the heat. There are numerous winter hazards out there, such as frostbite, antifreeze, ice. Take steps to keep your dog safe with these winter safety tips.

Dog Bite Safety Tips: Stopping Bites Before They Happen

Safety Tips for Dog Owners. Don’t let your dog run loose. Make sure that the dog is kept on a cable or on a leash, inside an enclosed area, or wearing an electronic restraint collar. Train your dog. Proper animal education allows the dog to establish positive patterns …

Dog Safety – Blog

When you love your dog or puppy, you want to keep them safe! That’s why we’ve assembled this collection of our articles on dog safety, and ones for you and other humans safe around dogs too. Keep Your Pets Safe: Hidden Dangers of Household Toxins 10 Tips for Pet’s Fear of Thunderstorms 7 Rattlesnake Tips […]

Belt Your Dog: Dog Car Safety Tips –

Make a travel safety kit that contains your dog’s health records and some photos. Make sure you have a handful of “lost” posters that you can distribute in the area if your dog gets away. As morbid as it might sound, make arrangements for your pets in case you’re killed as well.

12 Pet Safety Tips –

Keep electrical cords out of sight. Puppies and kitties tend to chew on electrical cords, which can …

39 Important Dog Christmas Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Avoid using candles. Use flameless LED candles instead. Lit candles can easily be knocked over …

Dog Safety Tips | Dog Attack Injury

Dog Safety Tips. The best way to prevent dog bites from occurring is to follow dog safety tips. All dogs are capable of causing damage, so owners should do everything possible to mitigate the risk of a dog …

General Safety Rules – American Humane

General Safety Rules. There are several tips you can follow to help keep your pet safe. Here are a few: Don’t let your dog ride in an open truck bed. Keep your pet’s head and paws inside the car. Check your pet’s collar regularly. Don’t let your cat play with string. Keep your cat indoors.

Pet Safety Tips—How to Keep Pets Safe

Summer Pet Safety Tips. Humans can change into cooler clothes, get inside for the air conditioned coolness and pack a water bottle to stay hydrated. Pets have a harder time of it when the temperatures soar. Learn about the dangers of summer heat, thunderstorm and fireworks phobias, water safety and more in this summertime safety tip archive.


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