does nair expire

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What is Nair & Other Frequently Asked Questions | Nair™

Choose a product category for answers about Nair™: Nair™ exfoliates skin in addition to removing hair, so using it before a self tanning product will help you achieve an even tan. Wait 24 hours between using Nair™ products and tanning.

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Does Nair hair removal cream expire? | Yahoo Answers

Jul 07, 2010 · Does Nair hair removal cream expire? I have a bottle of Nair cream, and it’s fairly old. I don’t see an expiry date on it, so I’m curious if it’s still okay to use.

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does nair hair remover expire? | Yahoo Answers

Dec 24, 2006 · Best Answer: It should have a date on the bottom of the bottle. if not or if it is worn off, call the 1800 number on the bottle, and ask them. they may have you read some numbers off to them. i would think it can last up to a year but no longer. Try some Cortisone …

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Does Nair ever expire? | Yahoo Answers

Mar 01, 2007 · Does Nair ever expire? I have a bottle of Nair from last year, it doesn’t have an expiration date on it so I wondered if it should still be good to use. Follow

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Does nair hair removal cream expire – WikiAnswers

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Does Nair have an expiration date? | The DIS Disney

Apr 19, 2004 · It’s finally shorts wearing weather. Or atleast it was today. The way the weather’s been lately, who knows if we’ll have snow again real soon. Anyway, does Nair have an expiration date, and if it does, what happens when it’s past its expiration date? Apr 17, 2004.

How Long Does Nair Last – How Long Does | How Long Does

The question arises again of how long does nair lasts if it is applied only for a time frame of about 3 to 5 minutes? Nair lasts minimum for about a week (of course the time duration depends upon the thickness of the hair, also the type of skin on which it is applied).

How Effective Is Nair? | Our Everyday Life

Do not allow the product to dry on the skin. If you need to repeat your Nair application, wait until a full 24 hours have passed. Do not use Nair on nipples, genitals, noses or ears. Nor should you apply it over cuts, moles or sunburn. How Effective Is Nair? Nair hair …

Should I do a patch test before each use – even – Nair

Yes, you should. The skin is very sensitive and can frequently change its composition with changes in your hormone levels. Since your skin is constantly in a state of change, we advise that it is necessary (not just desirable) to do a patch test each time to avoid any …

Does Nair Really Work?

Nair gently softens and then dissolves the hair below the surface giving you smooth and silky skin that will last longer as compared to shaving. It does not affect the thickness of the hair shaft or the rate which your hair grows back. With Nair, hair can be removed in as little as three minutes.


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