distance from jerusalem to samaria

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27 Km – Distance from Jerusalem to Samaria

Check the Flight distance between Jerusalem and Samaria, West Bank. Travel time is an important point to know with the driving distance. Hence you might also want to know the Travel Time from Jerusalem to Samaria, West Bank. This will help you estimate how much time you will spend travelling for the distance from Jerusalem to Samaria.

What is the distance from Jerusalem to Samaria? – Answers

Jan 27, 2019 · According to the Easton’s Bible Dictionary it is 35 miles in a straight line from Jerusalem to Samaria.

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Distances From Jerusalem – Bible Charts

Distances from Jerusalem Distances from Jerusalem IN ISRAEL: Bersheba – 54 miles south Bethany – 1 e miles east Bethe l – 10 j miles north Bethlehem – 6 miles southeast Samaria – 42 miles north Sea of Galilee – 70 miles north Shechem/Sychar – 40 miles north Shiloh – 20 miles north

How far is Samaria from Jerusalem – Distance From | Find

Our distance calculator will help you in knowing the Distance from Jerusalem to Samaria, West Bank! Apart from distances, do you want a larger map for a better view, you can check the Map from Jerusalem to Samaria, West Bank !

Distance between Jerusalem and Samaria – Distance

Distance from Jerusalem to Samaria. Depend on car conditions and fuel quality, to travel from Jerusalem to Samaria with car transport, you need 7 gallons gallons of petrol, which will cost around 10 $ with average prices.

Map of Ancient Israel – Samaria – Bible History Online

Samaria. D8 on the Map. Samaria in Smiths Bible Dictionary (watch mountain). This city is situated 30 miles north of Jerusalem and about six miles to the northwest of Shechem, in a wide basin-shaped valley, six miles in diameter, encircled with high hills, almost on the edge of the great plain which borders upon the Mediterranean.

187.5 Km Distance from Jerusalem to Samaria

You drive from Jerusalem, Israel and trip ends at Samaria. Now that you know that the driving distances from Jerusalem to Samaria is 187.5 km, would you like to view a more detailed map? Well there are a few different ones that you can view which provide a bird’s eye view of the terrain on the road map from Jerusalem to Samaria.

Philip Goes To Samaria | Mysterious Grace

Cesarea is quite a distance up the Mediterranean coast north-northeast of Azotus. Jerusalem, Gaza and Azotus are in Judea, while the cities of Samaria and Caesarea are in the region of Samaria. Notice that Philip “went down” to Samaria (v5) and later junctioned with the road that “descends from Jerusalem to …

New Testament Cities Distances in Ancient Israel – Map of

Distances. New Testament Cities Distances in Ancient Israel. From Jerusalem to: Bethany – 2 miles Bethlehem – 6 miles Bethphage – 1 mile 11 Jerusalem. 12 Samaria. 13 Galilee. 14 Nazareth. 15 The Sea of Galilee. 16 All Galilee. 17 Capernaum. 18 Jerusalem. 19 Nain. 20 Capernaum. 21 Sea of …

Distance between Samaria and Jerusalem

The total distance between Samaria and Jerusalem is 1113 KM (kilometers) and 744.3 meters. The mile based measurement distance is 692 miles . Samaria direction from Jerusalem: Samaria is located nearly west side to Jerusalem. Travel time from Samaria to Jerusalem.

Samaria To Jerusalem Distance

Samaria To Jerusalem Distance Distance between Samaria and Jerusalem is 1113 KM (kilometers) and 744.3 meters. Samaria is 692 miles away from Jerusalem. Samaria and Jerusalem Location Samaria is located in the Greece state of Hania at the longitude of 24 and latitude of 35.3. Jerusalem is located in the Israel state of Jerusalem at the

The Bible Journey | Jesus passes through Samaria

Samaria Jesus took the direct route north from Jerusalem to Galilee through Samaria , in contrast to most Jews who took the longer, indirect route east of the River Jordan through Peraea because of their hatred for the Samaritans (see Map 6 ).

The distance from Galilee to Judea – science.answers.com

The distance travelled by the Lord Jesus would be from the Jordan river … in Judea to Samaria en route to Galilee. This would be considerably lesser than the distance between Jerusalem (a city which is on a height) and Samaria.


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