difference between inter regional and international trade

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The Difference between Inter Regional and International Trade

Factor Immobility: ADVERTISEMENTS: The classical economists advocated a separate theory of …

What is the difference between international trade and

There is no difference between international trade and foreigntrade. Both terms refer to the import and export of goods,services, and capitals across international borders.

What is the difference between international and inter

international means between two or more countries. Inter-regional means between two or more regions, where a region can be a part of a country (for example, the Pacific North West), or a collection of countries (for example, Northern Europe). 3 people found this useful.

Similarities Between Inter Regional and International

As put by Ohlin: The basis of determination of prices in inter-regional trade is the general equilibrium of demand and supply which is also applicable to international trade without substantial changes. Differences existing between countries, as are based on tariff barriers, currency differences, differences of language, customs, habits, tastes,

Difference between international trade and regional trade

There is also the difference in the mobility of goods between inter-regional and international markets. The mobility of goods within a country is restricted by only geographical distances and transportation costs. But there are many tariff and non-tariff barriers on the movement of goods between countries.

Differences between Domestic and International Trade

Aug 28, 2009 · Inter-Regional Trade: The exchange of goods and services with in a country is called Inter-regional Trade. Differences between International and Inter-regional Trade and need for a separate theory: A number of things which make difference between international and inter-regional are given as under.

What Is the Difference between National and International

Different currencies: The principle difference between interregional and international trade lies in the use of different currencies in foreign trade but the same currency in domestic trade. Rupee is accepted throughout India from the South to the North and from the East to the West. But if …


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