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I asked Jeff Nimoy why T.K and Kari didn’t happen and this

Huh. To be honest, I think I shipped Kari and TK before I even knew what shipping was. I highly doubt she liked Davis more.

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Tk and Kari Got Married. Izumi Koushiro is working with Sora’s father and Jo’s brother, he has 1 daughter. Takaishi Takeru and Yagami ended up getting married (they didn’t include this on the dubbed version and I didn’t even know the reason); they have 2 children. Takeru is now a novelist and Hikari became a Teacher.

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Jan 02, 2009 · I made this video due to a lot of people confused and asking questions if Kari and T.K. got married so I made this putting together all the evidence. If I forgot anything say it below. Any Updates

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I won’t completely disagree with ID1376569715, but as far as I know, there is no solid evidence that Kari married Tk at the end of Digimon. The only pairings that were definitely married are Sora and Yamato (Matt), along with Ken and Miyako (Yolei).

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Kari sighed. “Alright. Can you hold this for a moment?” The cashier nodded and Kari dashed out the door followed by a screaming Miyako. “Your house is the other way Kari!” TK was nervously pacing back and forth as Tai and Matt watched him disinterested. Tai said to Matt, “I cannot believe that they are going to get married tomorrow.” Matt nodded.

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Comments Share. According Digimon Adventure 02 epilogue: its left ambiguous, but most likely no. Here’s a tip, Tai’s son looks exactly like him, but Matt has a maybe brunette daughter with a Yokomon. So its clear that he married Sora. So using that ex., the answer is a definite no.

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It isn’t stated in the epilogue who Kari eventually married; whether it was Davis or TK or Cody or whomever among the Digidestined ‘core’ group. The ‘actual ending’ for 02 is the epilogue, regardless of whether it is disliked by the fandom for reasons as petty as negating their ships. I would like Kari

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Jan 22, 2019 · yes because they already had feelings 4 each other before Davis came (EDIT BY ANOTHER USER!)No. There is no evidence that T.K. and Kari marry in Adventure 02, except the fact that in the Japanese epilogue, Tai’s son calls T.K. “Uncle Takeru”, but in Japan, friends of the family can be aunts and uncles.

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