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Colon Hydrotherapy | Birmingham, AL | Natural Wellness

Colon hydrotherapy has the potential to dramatically improve many aspects of your life. Natural Wellness Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics) uses a LIBBE table which is a Class II FDA approved device. To learn more about the LIBBE table, how it works and to see photos go to .

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Colon Hydrotherapy Birmingham, Alabama – Healing Waters

Colon Hydrotherapy. Also known as Colonic irrigation, high colonic, or simply colonic. It is the process of cleansing the colon by passing a gentle flow of warm, purified water through it with the use of special equipment. FAQs.

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Healing Waters Now Offers Colonics with Ionized, Microclustered, Anti-Oxidant, Alkaline Water Healing Waters is the only colon hydrotherapy business that is using this ionized, micro-clustered, anti-oxidant, alkaline water in its colonics. This is not your run-of-the-mill colonic. This water takes hydration and detoxification to a whole new level.

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Jun 19, 2017 · The latest health trend is a treatment called colonic hydrotherapy also known as colonic irrigation this treatment cleanses your large intestine (Colon) removing your harmful toxins and mucous from the body, helping you with energy levels and improved well being.

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Totally You. 1329 Forestdale Blvd Ste 212 Birmingham, AL 35214. (205) 796-0070. Colonic …

Colonic irrigation, colon hydrotherapy in Birmingham

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The Clarendon Health & Beauty Clinic

Clarendon Health and Beauty clinic – specialists in colonic hydrotherapy, laser hair removal, and semi permanent make-up. HagleyRoad, Birmingham.

Revita Clinic | Treatment (Colon Hydrotherapy in

Colon Hydrotherapy. Colonic Hydrotherapy is referred to as a colon irrigation, colonics, colon cleansing or colon therapy. All these are names for Colonic Hydrotherapy which uses sterile luke warm water for inner cleansing. This therapy is available at Revita Clinic by long standing members of ARCH and RICTAT Registered Colonic Hydrotherapists.

Colonic Hydrotherapy near Birmingham Bullring, Birmingham

Karma Centre in Birmingham is a place of tranquillity where you can find all your facials, massages and therapies. Specialising in Ayurvedic massages and facials, they have a multidisciplinary team dedicated to providing you holistic therapies for natural healing, beauty care and well being.

Natural Wellness Birmingham – Directions & Preparation

Directions: The clinic is conveniently located in the heart of the Southside of Birmingham a few blocks from the Vulcan land mark in the Birmingham Health Care Building. You will want to come in through the back of the building which will park you at eye level with the clinic. Feel free to call for more specific directions if you are having

Perry Barr – Colnic Hydrotherapy Birmingham

Colnic Hydrotherapy Birmingham . Perry Barr. The area of Perry Barr is an inner city area in the north of Birmingham, If you live in the Perry Barr area there is a colonic hydrotherapy treatment right on your door step with the latest treatment at the new Revita Clinic,

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Colon Hydrotherapy: Energize from the Inside Out. Designed to cleanse the colon of waste in one fell swoop, a hydrotherapy session can lead to a new burst of energy. Check out Groupon’s report to know what to expect. The process of colon hydrotherapy can seem intimidating, but the treatment is straightforward, simple, and potentially revitalizing.


The Spine Doc – Birmingham, AL – Yelp

We also offer Colon Hydrotherapy/Colonic treatments. Providing relief from gas, constipation, bloating and bad breath. We look forward to treating you soon! History. Established in 1996. The Spine Doc is a local chiropractic center that has been serving the Greater Birmingham Area for over 20yrs. Located at 1518 Montclair Road, Birmingham Al

Location: 1518 Montclair Rd, Birmingham, 35210, AL


Colon Care is your first choice for colonic hydrotherapy, colonic irrigation, colon cleansing and food intolerances in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, and the West Midlands. Our full-time colonic therapist, Kay Brown has been practising in the Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham area for over 14 years.


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