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Chimney Cleaning Logs – Do They Work? – Firewood For Life

Chimney Cleaning Logs. The manufacture claims the logs contain special additives that adhere to creosote inside your chimney as the log burns. These substances are carried up the flue by hot gasses where they are deposited throughout your chimney claiming to …

Do Chimney-Cleaning Logs Work? | Hunker

Chimney-Cleaning Log Claims. A chimney-cleaning log works when you burn it in the fireplace, much like a regular log. Burning a regular wood fire before adding the log softens tar buildup inside the chimney, which makes the chimney-cleaning log more effective. As it burns, the cleaning log releases chemicals that adhere to the chimney walls,

4 Different Types of Chimney Cleaning Logs Explained

Chimney cleaning logs are used to minimize the accumulation of such wastes. Chimney cleaning logs are manufactured using chemical substances and special additives that assist in reducing the amount of tar or creosote. They can be used in furnaces, stoves, fireplaces, boilers or heaters that use wood or logs.

Chimney Sweep Logs Do They Work? – YouTube

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Oct 08, 2012 · A step by step How to Video showing how to use a chimney sweeping Log.

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The Chimney Sweeper 818-909-7044 – Fireplace Solutions LA, CA

The Chimney Sweeper provides a wide range of chimney services & Fireplace Solutions in Los Angeles, CA. Whether your chimney and fireplace is historic or new construction, you can count on our technicians to provide you with expert, high-quality work.

Do Creosote Sweeping Logs Really Work? | Angie’s List

Creosote sweeping logs can improve your chimney’s performance if used correctly. Creosote, the filmy residue deposited in a chimney by burning wood, is the bane of many fireplaces and a big reason a wood-burning fireplace needs to be inspected each year, since creosote deposits can increase fire risks.


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