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Caring For Bougainvillea Plants: Tips On Growing

Growing bougainvillea in gardens requires some effort, but many think that these tropical and subtropical woody vines are worth it. Click this article for information about how to grow a bougainvillea plant in the garden landscape.

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Facts. It’s not the flowers that make this plant so colourful, it’s actually the magenta bracts. The flowers are just tiny and white. Have a closer look! The bracts can be seen in all shades of pink and purple, and also red, yellow, white, salmon and orange. This is Grenada’s national flower.

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Bougainvillea tips/facts. They are not only used as vines but also as ground covers, in containers, on pergolas, on fences and walls and as hedges and more! Bougainvillea Tips and Facts. Plant in a sunny, sunny spot (you do want that explosion of color after all!). They like loamy, sandy, dry soil so plant in a spot that has good

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The bougainvillea–also known as the “paper flower plant”–is a flowering perennial plant. The plant is native to South America and is named for a French explorer. There are many varieties of the bougainvillea, with blooms in a range of colors that include white, cream, pink, purple, orange, and bi …

Bougainvillea Plant Care – How to Grow and Prune this

Bougainvillea Plant Care – How to Grow and Prune this Flower. Bougainvillea Plant Care – How to Grow and Prune this Flower Furthermore, there is the possibility of growing additional Bougainvillea plants during the whole course of the vegetation phase with the help of cuttings.

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Bougainvillea is a plant which belongs to the Bougainvillea genus. The genus Bougainvillea has 14 species, with three that are horticulturally important: B. spectabilis Willdenow, B. glabra Choisy, and B. peruviana Humboldt and Bonpland. Many crosses among the various species have produced new hybrid species and important horticultural cultivars 1.

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South America is the native home of bougainvillea plants, and in its natural tropical growing environment, it flowers all year. Bougainvilleas grow 1-12 metres (3 to 39 feet) in height depending on the species, and can be grown in pots, as a bonsai, in hanging baskets, along walls, over trellises, as a hedge and other places in the garden.

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Jul 18, 2018 · Bougainvillea is a tropical, shrub-like vine that bursts forth with colorful flowers for 11 months of the year if it’s planted in the right climate. To grow bougainvillea, plant it in full sun, slightly acidic and well-drained soil, …


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Bougainvillea are popular ornamental plants in most areas with warm climates, such as Florida and South Carolina, and across The Mediterranean Basin. Although it is frost-sensitive and hardy in USDA Hardiness Zones 9b and 10, bougainvillea can be used as a …

Family: Nyctaginaceae

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The bougainvillea has two distinct growth cycles: A vegetative growth period for several weeks — when new leaves and stems grow. If the plant receives enough sunlight, the plant …

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Bougainvillea thrive on heat and sun. Plants need at least 5 hours of full sunlight daily to flower, with more hours if possible, and they prefer southern exposures. Chaney, Cathryn. “Facts on

The Secrets Of Bougainvillea: Sharing All I Know About

The Secrets Of Bougainvillea: Sharing All I Know About This Colorful Plant Bougainvillea is a riot of color. It’s a very popular landscape plant here in Southern California.


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